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They know how to make a manatee smile.

There’s nothing our manatee likes more than clean water. But we never treat her water with chlorine or other chemicals that can be toxic; we purify it with something that makes her really happy: ozone! And she isn’t the only one who’s happy–both staff and visitors alike enjoy seeing the sparkling clear water. So there are smiles all around, which is just the way an aquarium should be.

—Manatee keeper (age 27)
   at Toba Aquarium in Mie Prefecture, Japan

Mitsubishi Electric’s ozone generation water treatment equipment in Japan’s unique Toba Aquarium

See how happy our manatee is!

Water Treatment System
By Mitsubishi Electric

The ozone generator uses ozone to purify water, eliminating bacteria that cause odor and color, and creating clean water for reuse.

Ozonizer OS

Water treatment systems that use the latest ozone generator technology to break down harmful bacteria and pollutants

Advanced water purification using ozone

Drinking water drawn from rivers and lakes, especially in urban areas, has long been considered to have an unpleasant taste and odor. Mitsubishi Electric's advanced water treatment systems use ozone to greatly improve water quality and taste and eliminate odors. The result is water that's a pleasure to drink.

This ozone generator system is being introduced in a number of water treatment plants throughout the world. Mitsubishi Electric's proprietary ozone generator technology is bringing the health and environmental benefits of high quality drinking water to more and more households.

Tubular diffuser

Properties of ozone and our latest ozone generator technology

Ozone has very strong oxidizing properties that can be used most effectively to fight bacteria and viruses, reduce concentrations of iron, manganese, and sulfur, and eliminate unpleasant tastes and odors in water. Because ozone is made of oxygen and reverts to pure oxygen, it vanishes without a trace after use and leaves no burden on the environment. By far the most common use for ozone worldwide is in the treatment of potable water at many hundreds of municipal treatment works that supply millions of people with high quality water.

Conventionally, silent electric discharge is used to produce ozone from oxygen. Mitsubishi Electric's new ozone generators feature the latest narrow gap technology in a unique system that generates ozone more effectively using a minimal amount of electrical power.

Technology to support more efficient water systems

The broader perspective of water treatment reveals an extensive range of systems. Purified water is piped to homes and businesses. Used water is treated and returned to water courses. Mitsubishi Electric provides a number of technologies used in the management and control of water treatment systems.

These technologies range from sensors to communication and information processing systems. They function to monitor water volume and quality and aid the integration and control of water treatment facilities. Mitsubishi Electric also provides river management and comprehensive water environment solutions.

Central monitoring and control equipment for water purification plants
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