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They make the ice that will help me fulfill my dreams!

Stepping out onto the ice is my favorite part of the day. I work hard during my training sessions to improve my jumps, because I know that practice makes perfect. Hearing my friends and family cheer me on helps keep me trying my best, because someday I'm going to skate on the world stage!
—Figure skater, 11 years old

Watch a young skater practice her jumps.

Brine Cooler Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology by Mitsubishi Electric

With this system, which chills anti-freeze liquids, we are making it possible for figure skaters to give brilliant performances.

Brine Cooler

What is a Brine Cooler?

A brine cooler is a device for cooling brine (an antifreeze solution that does not freeze in sub-zero temperatures) that is used for various cooling and freezing purposes. It is especially useful when uniformly freezing a large area, such as a skating rink. Using a brine cooler can simplify the overall structure of a facility's cooling system and allow it to be applied to even larger areas.

How a skating rink is made:

A brine solution that is colder than ice is channeled through narrow pipes installed on the floor of the rink. Water is then poured on top of the pipes and allowed to freeze. This pouring and freezing is repeated until the desired ice surface is created.
The cooling pipes keep the ice at a constant temperature to ensure uniform and stable ice quality throughout the entire skating rink, and is thus ideal for efficiently and uniformly cooling large areas.

Here's a video of how a skating rink is made.

© Futako Tamagawa Rise

Mitsubishi Electric brine coolers are at work in various places

Mitsubishi Electric has continued to develop diverse products since delivering its first brine cooler to a client in 1970. By making steady improvements over a history of more than 40 years, we have satisfied wide-ranging needs, including cooling needs in the production facilities of food and milk drinks, needs for eliminating reaction heat in the production processes of chemical and medical products, and ice-making needs in fishery facilities and skating rinks. Mitsubishi Electric's brine coolers are at work in various places that require cooling.

Note: The purpose of this webpage is to introduce Mitsubishi Electric's technological capabilities. The product featured above is available for direct sale only in Japan.

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