Our efforts

To keep mobility safe, secure and comfortable in an ever- changing society, we consider product development and manufacturing from various perspectives, including the environment, quality and productivity, and while continuing to move forward to the future.

Our products uniting all the capabilities inside and outside of the group

Synergies and product development

We will respond to various needs in the future mobility society by applying the comprehensive strength unique to our company, which is developing technologies in a wide range of business segments.

Utilizing technology and business synergies cultivated in four areas, — Lifestyle, Industry, Infrastructure, and Mobility, — for product and technology development
- Research and development of common basic technology that is the foundation of all products
- Development collaboration that quickly utilizes research results in product development

Synergies and product development

Automotive Electronics Development Center serves as technology hub

The Automotive Electronics Development Center is responsible for introducing the elemental technologies developed in basic research, solving problems for mass production, and transferring technologies to the product development and manufacturing departments. The Center helps to connect research resources to commercialization quickly and efficiently.

Production Technology

With the production technology we have developed, we have achieved miniaturization and high functionality, in addition to quality and cost improvement in all processes from material processing to the final inspection of finished products.

Mitsubishi Electric's original technology

High fill-factor coil winding technology (85% fill factor stator)

We have been supplying electric motors in all industrial fields since our company was founded.
“High fill-factor coil winding technology” is one of the technologies we developed in that process.
The fill factor(*) of the stator windings dramatically increased by our original manufacturing method. The stator iron core, which is conventionally annular, is made into a flat strip shape, and formed into an annular shape after a coil winding is inserted into the slots of iron core.
In addition to this, the winding resistance value was significantly reduced by lowering the height of the coil end. As a result, we achieved industry’s highest level of compactness, weight reduction and high output.

* The ratio of conductors to the cross section of the slot. The higher the fill factor, the higher the output and the high efficiency.

Quality Assurance

We provide the highest quality to our customers through a thorough quality control system at each stage - ordering, development, manufacturing, procurement, delivery and service, with our strong effort and customer focus.
In addition, we also make systematic efforts for product security to ensure appropriate information management.

Optimization of design quality

  • Building functions and verifying specifications in collaboration with customers.
  • Highly reliable design with few failures and little performance deterioration made possible by the full use of development management systems and tools.
  • Evaluation and verification under harsh environment and use conditions.

Quality of mass production for zero nonconforming products

  • 100% inspection and automatic detection system
  • Thorough traceability management
  • Investigation of the true cause in collaboration with in-house research organization
  • Building global quality system and improving technical capabilities at oversea sites