Infotainment Products

Introducing a line-up of information and communication systems for use in and out of vehicles, such as infotainment systems including car navigation systems and driver monitoring systems that monitor occupants and minimize risks caused by distraction or other circumstances.
Our “Driver monitoring system with wide angle camera”, which was first to market in the industry*, enables simultaneous monitoring of passengers in the driver’s seat and passenger seat, helping to improve the comfort inside the vehicle.
In the future, we will contribute to safe, secure and comfortable transportation by linking with Autonomous Driving(AD) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems(ADAS) technologies.

* For in-vehicle monitoring, according to our research

Car Multimedia Products

  • Car Navigation System

  • Rear-seat Entertainment System

  • Car Speaker

  • Driver monitoring system

ITS Products

  • In-vehicle ETC unit / In-vehicle ETC 2.0 unit