Vehicles Control Products

Introducing a line-up of vehicles control products related to vehicles safety such as steering and lighting, and also to Autonomous Driving (AD) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology.
We contribute to improvement of safety and comfort, such as the realization of AD/ADAS by utilizing sensing data from the environment surrounding of the vehicles, support of night driving by with lighting control, and smart entry system applying connected technology.

ADAS Products

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Products

  • High-definition Locator


  • Millimeter-Wave Radar(in development)

Body Control Products

Body Control Products (Vehicles Total Management Products)

  • Smart Entry System

  • Smart Entry System for motorcycles/marine

  • Body Control Unit

  • Ultrasonic Corner Sensor

  • HID Control Unit

  • LED Control Unit

Electric Power Steering System Products

  • Brush Motor

  • Brush Motor Control Unit

  • Brushless Motor Controller Unit FI Type

  • Brushless Motor Controller Unit RI Type