Non Anonymous Whistleblowing Notification

Non Anonymous Whistleblowing Notification

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Mitsubishi Electric is committed to conducting business fairly, honestly and transparently. In this sense, we strive to ensure the adoption of ethical and Compliance principles in order to maintain the trust of the society and our clients.

Mitsubishi Electric provides this Whistleblowing Channel in order that any interested party may report anonymously or in a nominative way, and in writing, any breach laws or internal regulations that they have noticed.

The personal data provided may be processed by Mitsubishi Electric for the purpose of:

  1. Receive complaints, determine whether or not to initiate an investigation of the reported facts, protect the whistleblower from retaliations and to adopt, if necessary, the appropriate corrective measures and/or initiate legal action against the incriminated person and/or third parties.
  2. To prove the proper functioning of the Internal Information System, the Compliance Model and the defense of the interests of Mitsubishi Electric.
  3. Resolve any doubt about the Internal Information System or about the Compliance Model.

For further information about the data processing activities that we carry out in relation to this channel, as well as about the rights that assist you as an interested person, please refer to the channel's specific data protection policy, which you can find (open new window)here.