Changes for the Better


Changes for the Better

At Mitsubishi Electric, our innovation and creativity
inspired by a passion to make changes for the
This is what unites us and gives us the
power to
continuously evolve together as we work to
create a more vibrant
and sustainable society,
and an even better tomorrow.



We, the Mitsubishi Electric Group, will contribute to the realization of a vibrant and sustainable society through continuous technological innovation and ceaseless creativity.

"Changes for the Better" represents the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s attitude to "always strive to achieve something better," as we continue to change and grow. Each one of us shares a strong will and passion to continuously aim for change,
reinforcing our commitment to creating
"an even better tomorrow."

Brightly colored cubes visually represent our
unique individuality and the diverse skills that
empower us to innovate and create.

United by our passion to make changes for the
better, it is cumulative effort and teamwork that
will enable us to finally realize the vibrant and
sustainable society we want to create.