Elevators & Escalators
Quality in Motion
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A Higher Standard of Precision
The Mitsubishi Electric approach to elevator and escalator design and manufacturing mandates the highest levels of engineering precision. Without compromises. It also calls for the application of IT-based tools that aid in development and artificial intelligence technology that improves operational performance as well as user convenience.
These fundamental values have made it possible for Mitsubishi Electric to implement a number of innovations, including an elevator that can travel at 20.5 meters per second (67 feet per second) without disturbing a coin set on edge on the elevator floor, or a unique curved built to operate for decades. Mitsubishi Electric's higher standards of precision quite literally result in the highest quality elevators and escalators available anywhere.

Ultra-High-Speed / World's Tallest Elevator

Elevator Group Control System

Elevator Testing Tower - SOLAÉ -

Airflow Analysis Technology


Active Roller Guide