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With the recent increase of higher buildings in countries around the world, however, there is an increasing demand for a more high-speed and high-capacity elevator.  The new SOLAÉ testing tower will contribute to propelling the development of elevators that fulfill such demands.
Facilities' Name :   SOLAÉ
      (including testing tower and attached facilities)
Location :   Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Inazawa Works Compound
 (1 Hishi-machi, Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture)  →  MAP
Tower's Height :   173.0 meters
Number of Floors :   10 floors above ground, 1 floor underground
 (Equivalent to 40 floors of a building)
Tower's Areas
:   440 square meters
Construction of Tower :   December 26th, 2005 to September 26th, 2007
Attached Facilities :   3 floors above ground, with a showroom and other testing facilities
Total Investment :   5 billion yen (including related facilities)
 Details available in PDF file. (67KB)

Deveropment and Test Activities SOLAÉ
Drive performance Safety

  Super high-speed large-capacity gearless
  traction machine for high-speed/high-
  capacity elevators

  Advanced technologies for reliable
  safety devices

Drive performance

Durability and performance Ride comfort

  Ropes and traction machines

  Technologies to lessen vibration/wind
  noise generated when elevators travel
  at high speeds

Durability and performance

Ride comfort