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3D BIM Models
What is BIM?

BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modeling and is a system to create 3D models of a building and add information on the building, for example; names and area of rooms; specifications and performance of materials and finishing, to the 3D models.
The efficient and effective use of BIM makes it possible to maintain higher quality and get customer satisfaction at every stage of the building life cycle; from planning and design, through construction and maintenance, to management of the building.
By using BIM in elevator planning, you can share the project information, including the details about the architectural and structural design, the construction type and the facilities, and the design images among the project members, and can increase the accuracy and efficiency of your work through all stages of the project.
3D BIM Model Library

We provide simple and standard BIM models for engineers to support their building facility planning in the preliminary stages. BIM files can be downloaded from our members site, Mitsubishi EZ-Assist System.
 Elevator model: NEXIEZ-MRL
BIM files currently available to download the data on our website are for standard NEXIEZ-MRL with a maximum travel of 30 m.
Please note that the elevator system shown in the BIM files may not be suitable if your elevator specification is out of the specified range. (Increase in length, width and height of the hoistway shown in the BIM file is required for the elevator.)
If you require the BIM model for your project, please send a request via the contact form on our website. We will prepare the BIM model according to your requirements.

 BIM software: Autodesk Revit 2018
3D BIM Models
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