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Feb 27, 2020 Mitsubishi Electric to Supply Elevators for Government-owned Medical Facility in India

Including models exclusively designed for the Indian market, providing safety and reliability
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that its subsidiary Mitsubishi Elevator India Private Limited (IMEC) has secured a major order from the "All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh." The order consists of a total of 64 elevators, including 48 of a model that is exclusive to the Indian market, at this Indian government-owned medical facility, which houses a hospital and a national medical institute. By means of these high quality elevators and services, Mitsubishi Electric aims to provide the safe and reliable vertical transportation required by medical facilities.

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Image of Mitsubishi
Rendering of AIIMS
Nov 1, 2019 Mitsubishi Electric Launches MOVE Elevator in European Market

Designed specifically for medium- and low-rise office buildings and apartments
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it launched its new MOVE elevator model featuring fast delivery, space savings and low environmental impact suited to use in medium- and low-rise office buildings and apartments in Europe. Development and manufacturing are being handled by subsidiary Mitsubishi Elevator Europe B.V. (EMEC), which will market the model in the Netherlands, UK, France and other European countries, targeting annual sales of 1,500 units in the fiscal year ending in March 2026.

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MOVE elevator for European market
MOVE elevator for European market
Sep 26, 2019 Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Electric Building Techno-Service Jointly to Launch M’s BRIDGE™ Global Remote-maintenance Service for Elevators

Remote monitoring, inspections and data analysis for safety, peace of mind and convenience
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiary Mitsubishi Electric Building Techno-Service Co., Ltd. announced that they would launch the M’s BRIDGE™ global remote-maintenance service for the continuous monitoring, inspection and data analysis of elevators via an IoT platform on October 1. The service initially will launch in Hong Kong and Singapore and then expand to other Asian regions, Europe and the Americas, targeting launches in 15 countries by the fiscal year ending in 2022. By providing the service on a global basis, Mitsubishi Electric expects to contribute to the safety, peace of mind and convenience of customers.

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Aug 8, 2019 NEXIEZ-S design expanded
New design components with enhanced functionality of NEXIEZ-S greatly increase its application to buildings. The sophisticated simple designs will suit almost any building design.

New colors and patterns
Door with

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"EZ-Assist System" Members Site
Layout Drawings, Product Specifications, and Design Image tools in our members site have also been updated accordingly.

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Aug 8, 2019 EN81-70:2018 compliant models with more user friendly & comfortable design
In response to revision of the European Standard EN81-70 in May 2018, our products have been updated to comply with the EN81-70:2018 Safety Rules for the Construction and Installation of Lifts - Particular Applications for Passenger and Goods Passenger Lift - Part 70: Accessibility to Lifts for Persons Including Persons with Disability.

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Aug 8, 2019 Enhanced DOAS capability introduced on ΣAI-2200C page
Destination Oriented Allocation System (DOAS) which coordinates multiple elevators for smooth vertical traffic has extended the capability. Check out the extended functions "More Security, More Supportive, More Closely Connected" on the new ΣAI-2200C page.

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Aug 8, 2019 MelEye demonstration tool released
A demonstration tool of MelEye monitoring and control system is now available on the Product page.

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Jun 20, 2019 Mitsubishi Electric Launches New Elevator and Escalator Company in Laos

Expected to accelerate business growth in fast-emerging Mekong regional market
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it has established MELCO Elevator Lao Sole Co., Ltd. (MLAO) to accelerate its elevator and escalator business growth in the highly promising Mekong regional market. The new company, which was established by Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (MET), a Mitsubishi Electric subsidiary, will commence operations on July 1, 2019. The new company is expected to strengthen Mitsubishi Electric's sales of elevators and escalators as well as related provision of high-quality maintenance services. Annual sales in Laos are expected to rise to US$ 3.82 million by the fiscal year ending in March 2024, up 50% from the fiscal year that ended in March 2019.

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Rendering of elevator training center
The building MLAO will be located
Mar 28, 2019 Mitsubishi Electric to Launch NEXIEZ-LITE MRL Elevator in India

New machine room-less model to be sold exclusively in India
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that its subsidiary Mitsubishi Elevator India Private Limited (IMEC) will launch the NEXIEZ-LITE MRL elevator, an Indian-produced model that does not require a machine room, on April 1. The model will be added to the NEXIEZ-LITE series of elevators for midrise and low-rise residences, office buildings and hotels in India, the world's second-largest elevator market. Manufacturer IMEC aims to sell 1,000 units in 2021.

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Mitsubishi Electric's
Feb 26, 2019 Mitsubishi Electric to Open "TAKUMI" Inazawa Installation Training Center in Japan

New educational system expected to enhance safety, peace of mind, and comfort
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it would commence operation of its "TAKUMI" Inazawa Installation Training Center for elevator and escalator installation training on April 1. The facility, which is named after the Japanese word for "great master," is located on the premises of the Inazawa Works, the company's mother factory for the manufacture of elevators and escalators, in Inazawa, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
Mitsubishi Electric is strengthening its worldwide training of technicians to enhance the quality of its elevator and escalator installations for increased safety, peace of mind, and comfort in the global market. The company plans to increase its number of new-installation technicians in Japan up to 1,000 and installation supervisors outside Japan up to approximately 350 by the fiscal year ending in March 2020.

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"TAKUMI" Inazawa Installation Training Center
Nov 20, 2018 Mitsubishi Electric Delivers Taiwan's First Double-deck Elevators with Destination Oriented Allocation System that Integrates with Building Access Control Systems

For Installation in Taipei Nan Shan Plaza Super-high-rise Complex
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it has delivered what is believed to be Taiwan's first elevators with destination-assist capability—Mitsubishi Electric's Destination Oriented Allocation System (DOAS)—capable of integration with the access control system of buildings. In total, Mitsubishi Electric delivered 27 elevators, including 12 double-deck models with DOAS, and 45 escalators. The delivery was made to the Taipei Nan Shan Plaza, a super-high-rise complex in central Taipei, Taiwan, which consists of three buildings: the Office Tower (272 meters high with 48 floors), the Retail Annex (7 floors) and the Cultural Entrance Annex (1 floor).

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Taipei Nan Shan Plaza Office Tower Entrance
(Security gates)
User's assigned elevator
displayed on security gate's
LCD indicator
Oct 25, 2018 Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Surpasses 800,000-unit Milestone

Delivers huge volume throughout China over 30 years
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. (SMEC), which has been operating in China since 1987, surpassed its 800,000-unit milestone, including both elevators and escalators, this month. Mitsubishi Electric continues to deliver safety, peace of mind and riding comfort through its products and services, working in collaboration with SMEC to expand its business in China, the world's largest elevator and escalator market, and maintain its market-leading brand.

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Feb 27, 2018 Mitsubishi Electric Delivers Elevators and Escalators to The Avenues, One of Kuwait's Largest Shopping Mall

133 units, including 2 units of SPIRAL ESCALATOR®
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it has delivered 69 elevators and 64 escalators, including 2 of its unique curved escalators, SPIRAL ESCALATOR—133 units in total—for the fourth phase of expansion at The Avenues, one of Kuwait's largest shopping mall with more than 800 stores.

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The AvenuesSpiral escalators in Prestige luxury shopping
The AvenuesSPIRAL ESCALATOR® in "Prestige" luxury shopping district
Feb 26, 2018 Mitsubishi Electric's New South Korean Elevator Plant to Start Up

Will accelerate elevator and escalator global business by strengthening development, verification and manufacturing
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that its subsidiary Mitsubishi Elevator Korea Co., Ltd. (KMEC) will begin operating a new elevator factory in the Incheon Free Economic Zone of South Korea on March 1. The factory will have an R&D center for strengthened development and verification functions and will expand current production capacity by 2.5 times to 4,000 units, Mitsubishi Electric expects to help expand its elevator and escalator global business and increase market share in South Korea.

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New factory
New factory
Jan 10, 2018 Mitsubishi Electric has Launched NexWay-S Package R Elevator Lineup

New high-speed models for high-rise residential buildings in global markets
Mitsubishi Electric has launched the NexWay-S Package R, a new lineup of NexWay-S series elevators targeting high-rise residential buildings, particularly in the ASEAN and the Middle East regions, on December 25. The new models travel extra fast and extra far to meet the growing global demand from increasingly high residential buildings. Product competitiveness will strengthened by manufacturing the models at Mitsubishi Elevator Asia Co., Ltd. (AMEC) in Thailand, where provides good access to demanded markets in the ASEAN and Middle East regions.

[Main Features of NexWay-S Package R]
1. High-speed elevators for high-rise residential buildings
-   Speeds up to 3.5m/sec (210m/min) or 4.0m/sec (240m/min) and travel up to 180m (3.0m/sec and 150m with existing NexWay-S) for increasingly high residential buildings
- Shorten lead times by manufacturing at AMEC
2. User-friendly car operating panel with extra-visible buttons
- Compared to conventional elevators, easy-to-see buttons with large numbers enhance rider experience
- Stainless steel surfaces with luxurious new shiny-vibration finish for expanded range of car and entrance designs

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