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History of the Elevator Mitsubishi Monumental Elevators Elevator Structure and Equipment Basic Operations Emergency Operations Systems Special Features Glossary
Since the mid 19th century, elevators have played a major role in transforming the city skylines of the world, all the while making daily life more convenient. Mitsubishi Electric elevators have played a major role in the development of the high-tech cityscapes of modern Japan, providing architects and developers with new options for innovative building design.
History of the Elevator
The successful demonstration of the safe elevator in 1854 changed urban planning forever.
Mitsubishi Monumental Elevators
Custom elevator installation projects.
Elevator Structure and Equipment
Structure and equipment of various types of elevators.
Basic Operations
Guidelines for elevator operations and use.
Emergency Operations
Elevator operations performed during emergencies.
Description of basic elevator systems.
Special Features
Special Features related to elevator technology, equipment and functionality.
Terms and definitions related to Mitsubishi Electric elevators.