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Special Features
Door Safety Functions
Safety Door Edge (SDE)
Sensitive door edges detect passengers or objects during door closing.
Top View
Front View
Safety Ray (SR)
One or two infrared-light beams cover the full width of the doors as they close to detect passengers or objects. (Cannot be combined with the Multi-Beam Door Sensor feature.)
Top View
Front View
Electronic Door Man (EDM)
Door open time is minimized using the Safety Ray (SR) or Multi-Beam Door Sensor feature that detects passengers boarding or exiting.
Multi-Beam Door Sensor
Multiple infrared-light beams cover a door height of approximately 1800mm to detect passengers or objects as the doors close. (Cannot be combined with the Safety Ray (SR) feature.)
Top View
Front View
Only beams parallel with the floor can be used when the distance between projector and detector is equal to or less than approx. 200mm

Hall Motion Sensor (HMS)
Infrared-light is used to scan a 3D area near the open doors to detect passengers or objects.
Door Load Detector (DLD)
While doors are opening or closing, they will reverse if an object in the sills is applying abnormal load to the doors. In such a case, the doors will continue re-opening and closing without causing excessive strain to doors to remove the object from the sills.