Green Procurement

Green Accreditation and CSR Evaluation

The Mitsubishi Electric Group's Green Accreditation system is a means of evaluating and recognizing whether the environmental initiatives of our suppliers satisfy our Green Accreditation standards. By launching the system in fiscal 2007 and preferentially procuring materials from suppliers who have obtained Green Accreditation, the Group is striving to faithfully comply with the chemical substance regulations that are expanding on a global scale. Furthermore, in 2009, we launched a measure to survey the status of our suppliers' CSR initiatives with regard to human rights, labor practices, health and safety, legal compliance, product safety, etc.

Specifically, we request suppliers to provide information on the status of their environmental management initiatives by filling in a Green Accreditation and CSR Procurement Entry Sheet, and issues Green Accreditation certification to the suppliers who satisfy our accreditation standards. Suppliers who do not satisfy the standards are invited to attend a lecture session on green procurement, where they can receive support for enhancing their approaches to the environment. Furthermore, the results of CSR evaluation are feed back to all suppliers. The supplier is required to develop and improvement with respect to issues we are given low rating while maintaining communication with the Group.

The Green Accreditation Entry Sheet contains questions concerning the following areas:

  • Environmental management system initiatives
  • Management of chemical substances contained in products supplied to the Mitsubishi Electric Group
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • CSR initiatives