Connecting all with a single concept.

IoT systems are rapidly being introduced to diverse fields, but it is becoming difficult to cover all needs with a single platform, as the desired features and system characteristics differ according to each field.
Foremost needed is an open platform that links various external systems and that allows flexible use of necessary data. To realize this, we have designed the ClariSense concept.

Based on ClariSense, we aim to realize a seamless IoT society.

About IoT Suite "ClariSense"


Feature 01

ClariSense creates new value by sharing and utilizing the wealth of technologies and knowledge accumulated in diverse fields.

  • Integrates Mitsubishi Electric’s equipment expertise and AI/security technology assets in a unified IoT system design guideline and solution library.
  • Enables centralized development and expansion of IoT systems.
  • Accelerates the creation of new added-value products and services by combining functions in the solution library.

Feature 02

ClariSense has flexible implementation specifications that ensure specific solutions for each device and system.

  • Offers flexible implementation specifications according to a unified IoT system design guideline that defines only the structure  and interface of the IoT system.
  • Allows development of optimal IoT system solutions in consideration of the features and purposes of each device and system.

Feature 03

ClariSense employs standard API to realize efficient linkage with diverse systems.

  • Facilitates linkage between ClariSense-based IoT systems and internal and external systems by employing industry-standard APIs and communication protocols.
  • Realizes efficient integrated solutions that collaborate across various customers and diverse business fields, by linking various systems.

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