Intellectual property


The Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII) organizes the National Commendation for Invention, through which it commends inventions that contribute to the progress of science and technology and the development of industry. Through this commendation system, the Mitsubishi Electric Group won an Imperial Invention Prize for its data encoding systems (information security technology) in fiscal 2004 and a Prize of The Chairman of Japan Business Federation for its air-conditioning technology in fiscal 2020. The following table shows JIII prizes that the Mitsubishi Electric Group has received for inventions and creations that were highly acclaimed by third parties, including the aforementioned awards.

Fiscal Year Prize Patent/Design Number Name of Invention/Creation
2020 The Prize of The Chairman of Japan Business Federation 4931970 Invention of Refrigerant Liquefaction Prevention Method in an Air-conditioning Apparatus Using Induction Heating
The Invention Prize 1589857 Design of Ultra-high Precision Electric Discharge Machine that Enhances the Factory Environment
The Invention Prize 4486678 Invention of high density winding technique for compact and lightweight DC motors
2019 The Invention Prize 4382312 Invention of a power switching elements drive circuit using two pulses
2018 The Invention Prize 1498415 Design of interior-oriented air conditioner
2017 The Prize of Commissioner of Japan Patent Office 4552848 Invention of variable-shape mirror for improving laser via drilling accuracy
The Asahi Shimbun Prize 5592688 Rotor eccentricity estimation method and rotor eccentricity presumption system for rotating electrical machines
2016 The Prize of the Chairman of HATSUMEI KYOKAI (JIII) 1517372 Simple and compact turbine generator design
The Invention Prize 4671772 Gasoline Vapor Liquefied Collection System at a Gas Station
2012 The Invention Prize 3693932 Invention of Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment Scheme on PON (Passive Optical Network)
2010 The Invention Prize 3661454 Invention of Frame compliant mechanism for compressors
2009 The Prize of the Chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry 3245087 Power Supply Apparatus For Electric Discharge machine
The 21st Century Encouragement of Invention Prize 3887007 Gradationally controlled voltage inverter
2007 The Prize of the Chairman of HATSUMEI KYOKAI (JIII) 3361765 Environmentally friendly airconditioners and replacement technology that enable the use of the existing pipes
2006 The Invention Prize 3432468 Color conversion Device and Color Conversion Method
The Invention Prize 3223723 Processing technology of wire-electrical discharge machine
The 21st Century Invention Prize 3545257 High efficiency and highly concentration ozone generation technology
2005 The Invention Prize 2643459 Conceptual Technology for Driving and Protecting Power Devices
2004 The Imperial Invention Prize 3035358 Cryptographic Technique for Digital Information