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Advanced Applied Development Center

photo:Shoji Tanaka

Shoji Tanaka

Senior General Manager,
Advanced Applied Development Center

Providing society with faster and more reliable solutions to create a better future

The Advanced Applied Development Center was established on October 1, 2023 with the mission of "solving various social challenges that Mitsubishi Electric is tackling by connecting elemental technologies both inside and outside the Company, and providing society with faster and more reliable solutions."

The Advanced Applied Development Center will drive development aimed at addressing broader societal challenges by leveraging its expertise in AI and cloud applications, while also leveraging sensing, control, and power electronics technologies for autonomous driving and electric vehicles developed at its predecessor, the Automotive Electronics Development Center.

We will work as one to respond to an ever-changing society and take on challenges to help create a better future.


AI technologies/Sensing technologies/Power electronics technologies/Control technologies


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