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Advanced Technology R&D Center

photo:Mikio Takabayashi

Mikio Takabayashi

Senior General Manager,
Advanced Technology
R&D Center

We will weave the future through continuous technological innovations

The Advanced Technology R&D Center is the central research laboratory of the Mitsubishi Electric Group and has cultivated a wide range of technologies from devices and equipment to control and systems through contributions to the extensive businesses.

We will further evolve and integrate these diverse technologies. We will also utilize co-creation with external partners and strive to solve increasingly complex and diverse social issues with our unique ingenuity.

Toward the realization of a vibrant and prosperous society that everyone can relate to,

We will weave the future through continuous technological innovations.


Power electronics technology/Electromechanical technology/Mechatronics technology/Environment, energy, and materials technology/Devices technology/Systems technology


Introduction of Advanced Technology R&D Center


Address: 8-1-1, Tsukaguchihonmachi, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo, 661-8661, Japan
Phone: 0081(6)6491-8031