Information & Communication Systems

Saffron Type System

High-speed, high-resolution type rendering system

High-speed rendering of type with world-leading quality.
Optimal even for small-scale embedded systems and low-resolution displays.



The Saffron Type System (Saffron) is a high-speed, high-resolution type rendering system for embedded devices, and was developed based on a completely new concept. With its ability to display highly legible type at high speed while requiring only small amounts of font data, it is expected to find use in a variety of devices across a broad range of fields, from industry to multimedia.

Technological Highlights

Less font data required, for integration in embedded devices


Saffron is built on a core of Adaptively Sampled Distance Field (ADF) technology, which differs completely from conventional technology in that it can render and display type at high resolution and high speed using only a small amount of font data.

Compatible for use with diverse fonts and character thicknesses


Text data is separated into basic stroke, thickness, and style descriptions and standardized to render texts of multiple fonts using only a small amount of font data.

Clear character display, even with kanji characters that have many strokes


The horizontal and vertical strokes of a character are aligned and fitted to a pixel grid, so that even characters with many strokes that are difficult to render can be displayed distinctly at small sizes.