Universal design


Examples of Universal Design

Easy-to-use at a glance

photo: IH cooking heater CS-G20AKS

The operation button was designed to draw users' attention through effective use of labels and colors, while the indication numbers 1, 2, and 3 were added to help users understand the correct steps to use.

Reduce mistakes

photo: Elevator Button

The "open door" button was made more eye-catching by using a large green button with "OPEN" indicated in Hiragana (Japanese phonetic characters) .

Reduce mistakes made by inexperienced users

photo: MELSEC-L Series-Programmable logic controllers

The wiring diagram was made easier to see and understand, for fewer mistakes and higher efficiency. Large high-contrast print was used.

  • * Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are used to control automated machinery in factories, etc.

Large and easy-to-read characters

photo: Remote control of room air conditioner

This air conditioner remote control employs a large full-dot LCD with backlight, displaying the temperature setting indicator—the area that is most frequently viewed by users—in the largest font used in the industry. The wind direction and timer settings are illustrated with icons and pictograms for intuitive navigation.

Is it also important to use appropriate font types (Universal Design fonts) to prevent misreading even if blurred.

Provide alternatives for conveying information

photo: Train Vision

Public areas require a variety of ways to deliver information. Train Vision provides a visual interface to deliver various types of information that used to be available only through broadcast announcements. Transfer guidance and train operation information are also easy for tourists and visitors from other countries to understand.

Friendly to users with partially limited color vision (Color Universal Design)

photo: Color button (Color Universal Design)

Differences in color vision are checked with simulation software. Easily identifiable colors are used for the TV remote controller's buttons. Also, sufficient size was maintained to ensure color differences can be easily distinguished.

  • * The number of persons with partially limited color vision is estimated to be about 5% of males in Japan (approx. 3 million) and about 8% in Europe and the United States.

Audio support

photo: "talking television" function that provides audio

This LCD TV incorporates a "talking television" function that provides audio information for electric program guides, including program titles and content, and timer recording details to help persons with visual impairment enjoy the TV.

Less physical load

photo: Vacuum cleaner TC-FJ/FK series

Aiming to achieve a comfortable carrying weight, the assembly structure and process were reviewed to make a lighter and more compact vacuum cleaner with a large handle for easy gripping.