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Information Technology R&D Center

photo:Masahito Matsushita

Masahito Matsushita

Senior General Manager,
Information Technology
R&D Center

Shaping the future beyond our imagination with cutting-edge information and communication technologies

Information technology has deeply penetrated our lives and society, and new products and services are being created every day. When everything is connected through networks, more value will be created and the future will be changed for the better.

In this ever-evolving society, the Information Technology R&D Center will accelerate innovative research and development of cutting-edge information processing and information & communication technologies through continuous technological innovation and ceaseless creativity, thereby contributing to the realization of a more vibrant and sustainable society.

As a group of information technology professionals, we aim to lead research activities and be a driving force that connects the present to the future.

The Information Technology R&D Center will continue to evolve and take on the challenges of creating the next future to meet your expectations.


Information technology/Media intelligence technology/Electro-optics microwave technology/Communication technology


Address: 5-1-1, Ofuna, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 247-8501, Japan
Phone: 0081(467)41-2111