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Advanced Technology R&D Center


All of Mitsubishi Electric's activities depend on leading-edge technology, and the Advanced Technology R&D Center supports our business through a wide range of initiatives, from common basic technology to new product development, as well as R&D leading to future new business. The Center helps promote the dynamic growth of Mitsubishi Electric.

Main Research Themes

Power electronics equipment: solid state lasers; elevators & escalators; satellite communications equipment; water and air purifiers; material recycling; next generation key devices; system solutions for electric power, industry, transportation, building, factory automation and automobiles; and total imaging technology, from input and display to LSI user interface.


8-1-1, Tsukaguchi-honmachi, Amagasaki City, 661-8661, Japan
Phone: +81 (6) 6491-8031

Research Introduction

Various R&D activities including power electronics equipment; electromechanical; environment, energy, materials; devices; systems solutions; and imaging/display


Power electronics technology

Inverter circuits and control technology / Motor control technology / Thermal management and implementation technology / Power supply control technology

Electromechanical technology

Electromagnetic drives technology / Mechatronics technology / Laser technology / Electrical interruption, discharge and insulation technology / Heat transfer, fluid dynamics and noise control technology

Environment – energy – materials technology

Waste plastic recycling technology / Ozone generation technology / Solar cells technology / Energy – management technology / Composite materials technology / Nano-region high sensitivity analysis technology

Advanced devices technology

Semiconductor photonic devices for optical communications technology / MEMS devices technology / Sensors technology / SiC power devices technology

Systems technology

Large-scale system optimization technology / Human/machine I/F technology / Embedded systems technology / Sensor signal processing technology / Image recognition technology

Image technology

High quality image processing technology / Optical design/evaluation technology / LCD backlight control technology / Camera technology / Digital broadcasting / mobile signal receiving technology / Home networks technology