SUSTIE is Mitsubishi Electric’s
net Zero Energy Building (ZEB*1) test facility.

The name SUSTIE combines the words "Sustainability" and "Energy" to express the idea of an office for researching and demonstrating energy saving and workers’ health and comfort.

Mitsubishi Electric will, as part of its support for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), utilize the SUSTIE facility to carry out demonstration experiments, accelerating development for the growing demand in ZEB-compliant energy saving technologies. Mitsubishi Electric will contribute to the realization of more comfortable and energy-efficient workplace environment by steadily implementing these technologies into different areas of its business. Technological development will also be advanced in accordance with Mitsubishi Electric’s ZEB+*2 concept for enhancing building functionality, including efficiency improvements to the working environment in terms of productivity and convenience.


A net Zero Energy Building, or ZEB, is a building with zero, or almost zero, net primary energy consumption on an annual basis. This can be achieved, while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, through renewable energy sources such as solar panels, or through energy saving technologies in the building, such as with highly efficient insulation, solar shading, the use of natural energy or through high efficiency equipment.


Mitsubishi Electric’s concept for enhancing building functionality, including services for maintaining value in terms of productivity, comfort, convenience and business continuity throughout a building’s lifecycle.


SUSTIE has received the highest 5-star rating and net Zero Energy Building (ZEB) certification from the Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labeling System (BELS), and has received the highest S rank from the CASBEE Wellness Office, a certification system for health and comfort.
These recognitions propel Mitsubishi Electric to the highest levels for achieving a comprehensive energy saving environment while maintaining a comfortable, user-friendly workspace.

In addition to these recognitions, by being accorded Platinum status WELL certification-the highest level-SUSTIE has been certified to world standards as a building that enhances the health and comfort of its occupants. It is the first facility in Japan to obtain BELS, CASBEE Wellness Office, and WELL certification at the highest levels*.

*According to Mitsubishi Electric's research as of July 29, 2022

106% reduction in primary energy consumption

Floor Plan

A total of 9 separate experimental rooms, 3 on each floor from the 2nd to 4th floors where various demonstration experiments take place under different conditions.

The north side of the 2nd floor (top of image) has an atrium for holding various meetings and events.

Cafeteria on 1st floor.

4th Floor — Focus Zone

  • Experimental Rooms (offices) (SKY 1—3)
  • DC Distribution Control Room
  • Operation Center

3rd Floor — Relax Zone

  • Experimental Rooms (offices) (LEAF 1—3)

2nd Floor — Dialogue Zone

  • Experimental Rooms (offices) (ROOT 1—3)
  • Atrium (HUB)

1st Floor

  • Cafeteria
  • Presentation Room