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document: IR information pack
  • Financial results
  • Consolidated financial results briefing
  • 2022 Integrated Report
  • Annual securities report
  • Factbook / financial data
  • Notice of Convocation of the 151st Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Financial results

Review Mitsubishi Electric's financial results and earnings information.

Integrated Report / Annual Report

Read or download Mitsubishi Electric's Annual Report. Current and past issues available.

Annual securities report / quarterly report

Review the state of our business in Annual Securities Report and Quarterly Report.

Presentations & events

Read our presentation documents to learn more about Mitsubishi Electric's strategies and goals.

Factbook / financial data

Review Mitsubishi Electric's financial data for the previous fiscal year.

Sustainability reports

Our yearly report showing initiatives and achievements of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, as we help realize a sustainable society.