Supporting a Better Future for "Our Home" for Over Half a Century

25th April, 2019

Throughout the profound transformation Hong Kong has undergone since the 1960s, we at Mitsubishi Electric have worked behind the scenes to support the city's development and contribute to the enrichment of daily life. In 2017, we launched our "Beyond the Half Century. Hong Kong. Our Home, Our Heart" campaign, which uses stories and emotion to convey the strong connection we feel with the people of Hong Kong.

You Can't Always See It, But You Can Always Feel It

Over the past five decades, the city of Hong Kong has evolved from the nascent stages of industrialization into the diverse economy of today. Through the years, we have supported the city's hard-working population—now seven million strong—in good times and bad. We have stood by their side, supporting society and daily life through the constant expansion of our various business operations—from air conditioning systems and elevators & escalators to power and visual information systems.

Sometimes that support is highly visible, like the 19-meter-by-72-meter Diamond Vision large-scale LED display we installed at a major Hong Kong department store in 2017. It has a surface area exceeding that of five tennis courts, and was at the time the largest Diamond Vision in the Asia Pacific. Today, it adds to the excitement of one of Hong Kong's most iconic areas.

And in other cases, our contributions are somewhat less overt, such as the two Terminal Doppler Lidar systems for monitoring low-level wind shear and turbulence that we delivered to Hong Kong International Airport in 2016, helping ensure increased safety.

Embracing Diversity and Sharing Comfort with All

The advertising campaign has been implemented in phases since 2017, with each phase turning the spotlight to a different area of our business. We used images of daily life and societal activity to express the feelings shared by the people of Hong Kong. We also used the campaign to convey our active involvement in and dedication to bolstering and upgrading key elements of the city's infrastructure. The video supporting our Power Systems business opens with,"This city never stops. It's not just powered by 220 volts, but also by the spirit of over 7 million people through tears, laughter, conflict and triumph." We adopted this same approach in portraying our support for and co-existence with Hong Kong in each phase of the campaign. The latest release, which depicts our Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems business, focuses on the diversity of the city which desires comfort in different situations, and how our efforts to develop high-quality, energy-efficient air conditioning and ventilation products help provide fresh and comfortable environments for various settings in Hong Kong such as households, commercial buildings, and schools.

Supporting Hong Kong's Development of Tomorrow

We chose the occasion of the release of this latest video to unveil a new and improved edition of the campaign website, and we also produced a new video entitled "Moving Forward with Hong Kong." An omnibus for the "Hong Kong. Our Home, Our Heart" campaign, it features scenes of a group of young dancers twirling gracefully in different locations throughout the city, intertwined with images conveying the breadth of our impact on society through our many and varied business activities.
The touching, thought-provoking stories and the grand scale of the imagery across all the videos effectively communicates our corporate stance, our awareness of the importance of harmonious co-existence and diversity, and our desire to make “home” a wonderful place to live for the people of Hong Kong.

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