Supporting China in its Shift Toward a Smart and Sustainable Society

27th March, 2019

With the world's largest population at 1.3 billion and its second largest economy*, China has seen remarkable growth. With forward-looking policies such as Made in China 2025, the nation continues to undergo a dramatic transformation. Building on our 40 year track record of partnership with the country, we at Mitsubishi Electric are supporting China's shift toward a smart and sustainable society through our wide range of solutions.

According to the World Bank.

Contributing to Growth by Solving Customer Problems

In China we have applied our manufacturing philosophy of valuing voices from the factory floors and solving problems together with customers to offer true value, not just simply manufacture products. In recent years, China has prioritized innovation and environmental preservation as key initiatives of its national vision. The country is now actively applying IoT and AI to bring its industries to an even higher level and create new businesses. As it moves toward a new era of high-quality development, we are working to be a part of China's great transformation.

Our Chief Representative in China, Katsuyuki Tomizawa, believes that close cooperation between Mitsubishi Electric Group companies is essential as China undergoes dramatic change. "China has increasingly higher expectations for all of our businesses, especially those related to smart manufacturing solutions and environmental preservation," he said. "That's why it's important we fully apply our technological capabilities and solutions so we can solve our customers' problems, and thereby contribute to China's growth and development."

Campaign Shows How We're Supporting China's Evolution

As a comprehensive electric and electronic equipment manufacturer, we have the technological capabilities to accelerate China's transition to the smart era. To communicate how we can support people's lives in China and offer value, we launched an advertising campaign entitled "Forging a New Era that is Smart and Sustainable, Together."

A common theme throughout the campaign is our incorporation of AI into our products and solutions. Our brand of AI technology, "Maisart," which stands for "Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates State-of-the-ART in technology," is a compact algorithm that dramatically reduces the necessary calculations for deep learning. Maisart can be applied to automobiles, factory automation equipment and other product lines, and is central to many of solutions we can offer in China.

Our Breadth as a Comprehensive Manufacturer Means We Can Provide Solutions for Many

Our advertising campaign in China features a series of video clips that showcase how our strengths as a comprehensive electric and electronic equipment manufacturer enable us to provide solutions that span a wide range of businesses. Four videos feature future leaders interacting with and experiencing our Smart Manufacturing Solutions, Smart City Solutions, Smart Mobility Solutions and Smart Life Solutions. We also created an omnibus video that expresses our hopes for a smart and sustainable future. A website to support the advertising campaign also provides details on case studies in China for factory automation, automotive equipment, elevators & escalators, air conditioning systems and more.

While China has set ambitious goals for manufacturing innovation and environmental preservation, we believe our advanced technologies can meet the challenge and contribute to the country's growth and development for many years to come.

The content is true and accurate as of the time of publication.Information related to products and services included in this article may differ by country or region.

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