Treats for Change: The Power of One Girl’s Baked Goods

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27th February, 2019

Sometimes, personal tragedy can spark the greatest change – and this teenage girl in India has proven just that. Meet 13-year-old Sui Singh, whose courage to face her grandfather’s death caused by water contamination has spurred greater waves of kindness. Her desire to make the world a better place — and her talent for baking — are helping bring clean water to her village and other rural areas in Delhi, India. Sui has made a difference — proving the power in even the smallest gestures.

A Simple Recipe for Change

Something as simple as a glass of water has become a motivating force for life. Young Sui, whose grandfather died from an illness caused by contaminated drinking water, managed to look beyond her personal grief to see the larger issue at hand. With the world around her in the throes of a water crisis, she decided to take matters into her own hands and make a difference. She spent days baking cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, and the money she earned selling them — along with corporate funding and donations by those who also believed in her cause — made it possible to install the first water purification system her village had ever seen.

A Grandfather’s Guidance

Sui did not stop at her own village, however. Inspired by her grandfather’s words —"the greatest happiness comes from helping others" — Sui started an NGO named Praandaahar with her sister. Praandaahar brings water purification to other parts of rural Delhi by conducting various types of fundraising, including bake sales.

While it is a lot of hard work to raise funds and coordinate the installations, it’s the lessons learned from her grandfather that keep her going. "Water is a basic necessity of life, and I’m glad I can give that right to people who don’t have it," she said. "If my grandfather was here, I’m sure he’d give me a pat on the back and say, ‘Well done’."

Pure Water, Peace of Mind

Sui’s passion and dedication has helped bring clean water to rural parts of India. Like Sui, Mitsubishi Electric is providing people with pure water and peace of mind. For close to half a century, the company has delivered water purification systems that utilize ozone to sterilize and deodorize water without using chlorine, a chemical that generates byproducts that impact water’s odor and taste. Mitsubishi Electric’s ozone generator also features a compact design and minimal power requirements, which makes it a smart choice when considering the environment. There are now more than 1,700 ozone generators supporting municipal and industrial water needs in various parts of the world.

While the water purification systems they use may differ, both Sui and Mitsubishi Electric share a common aim—to make a fundamental necessity of life safe and reliable for all.

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