A Little Ingenuity Made Education More Accessible

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17th June, 2019

The streets of historic Old Delhi are jam packed throughout the day with all manner of transport, making navigation challenging and potentially dangerous for pedestrians. The principal of an elementary school, concerned for the safety of her students, engineered an innovative solution to make sure the kids would arrive at school safely, while providing their parents with peace of mind.

Taking the Initiative to Overcome Adverse Conditions

The Honey Bunny School, established in 2013, serves children from ages 2 through 10. The founder and principal, Farah Diba, launched the school in an area where there weren’t many educational institutes, and succeeded in growing the school population to over 100.

However, as the area is very densely populated, and nearly half the residents of Delhi commute by motor vehicle, Farah’s students were walking down crowded alleys and crossing congested streets. Her desire to ensure safe passage to school for her students motivated her to create her own solution. She fashioned a small, bright yellow school bus in the form of a rickshaw.

Each cabin seats up to 12 children, and according to Farah, "They (the children) really like it – the color, the seating arrangement, they can have fun with their peer group." It also serves as an economically feasible answer to the transportation issue. Above all, though, Farah is happy that she’s been able to serve the community in the area where she herself grew up. "I really feel in my inner heart that I have done something good for others."

Integrated Solutions That Help the World Run More Smoothly

Just like Farah, we at Mitsubishi Electric are driven to conceive products, systems, and solutions that improve the quality of life for people wherever the need exists. Since the launch of our Transportation Systems business back in 1922—the year after the founding of the company—we have been providing rolling stock systems and rail solutions to help ensure safe, stable, and comfortable transportation networks worldwide.

As a rolling stock systems integrator, our ability to devise both component-level solutions and comprehensive systems enables us to satisfy the unique transportation system requirements of our customers. And we have delivered our products for more than 55,000 cars in over 30 countries around the world*.

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Contributing Intelligent Transportation to Tomorrow’s Foundation

Farah’s solution not only secured safe passage to and from school for her beloved students, which also helped put their parents at ease; it did so while neither consuming any electricity, nor effecting any impact on the environment. We at Mitsubishi Electric also strive to minimize energy consumption and environmental loading in the design and development of our products, systems, and solutions.

We provide highly advanced transportation systems that ensure passenger safety and keep trains running smoothly and punctually. And we do it all with an eye toward reducing both energy usage and environmental impact to the maximum extent possible. By building and refining the foundation for next-generation mobility, we are contributing significantly to making society and daily life safer, more secure, and more comfortable.

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