An Enduring Commitment to Creating Comfort

17th June, 2019

For nearly a century, we at Mitsubishi Electric have prioritized the enhancement of efficiency, security, and comfort in the lives of people everywhere. We have also been a pioneer in the development of technologies that set new standards not only for quality, but for environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. Our efforts and devotion are clearly evidenced by our record of achievement in Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems.

Devoted to Making the People of Asia More Comfortable

Economic growth across Asia has generally been strong over the past decade, and is expected to continue at a steady pace for the foreseeable future. Stability in labor markets, continued strong performance in exports, and a growing region-wide commitment to investment in infrastructure enhancement have bolstered growth in income, which in turn has driven increased personal consumption. People are able to make their surroundings more comfortable, enjoyable, and secure.

At the same time, the efficient use of energy has grown in importance globally, and consumers are conscious of not only their monthly utility expenses, but the potential impact on the environment, when selecting home appliances such as air conditioners. And the effects of climate change are being felt across the breadth of the region, with the increase in average temperature forecast to gradually increase over the next half-century.

We at Mitsubishi Electric have been involved in research related to wind technology for many years, and through decades of effort we have essentially changed the nature of home air conditioning systems, creating an entirely new kind of comfort.

Decades of Leadership and Innovation in Home Air Conditioning

We first developed our legendary air flow technology nearly 100 years ago. Since then, driven by our commitment to craftsmanship, our relentless pursuit of unprecedented standards for quality, and our desire to create new levels of comfort, we have built a record of achievement unrivaled in the industry.

Our development and application in 1968 of line flow fan technology to air conditioning systems revolutionized the industry, and continues today as a global standard in air conditioning products. We have also succeeded in greatly reducing noise output and generating increased aesthetic value by creating the split system—where the condenser and indoor unit are separated.

The success we have experienced in this field is rooted in our philosophy. With the contribution to society through the development of products as the underlying theme, we have exerted tremendous energy and effort to innovate every conceivable aspect of home air conditioning. The slogan, "Fast Cooling, Fast Refreshment" embodies our devotion to creating comfortable, luxurious environments, even in the most challenging of conditions.

Bringing Sustainable Comfort to the Corners of the Earth

As both economic conditions and average temperatures continue to climb, our air conditioning systems incorporating inverter technology are becoming increasingly popular as they deliver unprecedented comfort while using less energy than ever before. And our air conditioners are submitted to extensive testing to guarantee the highest possible durability and sustained performance. The longer our customer can use our products, the less frequently they require replacement—this leads not only to reducing utility costs, but also to reducing the burden on the environment.

The most vital internal components are manufactured in-house to ensure that our uncompromising standards for quality are maintained. As a comprehensive electrical and electronics manufacturer, we have the broad-ranging capabilities needed to create energy-efficient products that deliver welcome comfort to the homes of people across the region.

And we will continue to pursue technological development and innovation in support of a more sustainable, more comfortable environment for people everywhere. For more details, please visit the campaign website.

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