The Successful Development of the GMS/GPRS Module, and the Solid Team Dynamic that Couldn’t Have Happened WithoutHer.

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23rd May, 2022

Without her, some innovations would have never happened.
Without her, some projects would have never been possible.

"Without Her" is a project (a series) featuring Mitsubishi Electric's very own women engineers, and their commitment to making the world a better place.

First in this series is from our India branch. We highlight Meghna Khadikar, the project leader behind the success of the GSM/GPRS Module developmental project, and her team.

A Strong Foundation for a Diverse Team

Meghna and her team’s mission was to enhance and add new features to the GOC43. It was a difficult task that involved using a value engineering process. She told us, "We had to design everything from scratch. The hardware and software development are very new."

Because the team was working with new technology, it was important for them to deepen their understanding of the technology itself. Before starting the project, they did "a lot of research and studies." This included competitor research, as well as studies on development and implementation.

Throughout the long process, Meghna was not simply focused on helping her team reach their full technical potential. She met eye to eye with each person on her team to build a strong foundation for their team dynamic.

"This project involved a diverse team. It was my responsibility to lead the team so each of our team members with unique backgrounds and personalities functioned as a strong team together. A few of our team members were also new, so I always put emphasis on ‘following the process.’ I helped our team members understand our processes and whatever software or tools are using, and what the guidelines are in our organization so they can work at their best."

Teamwork Makes "Going Above and Beyond" Work

Meghna’s team members all agree, "We are grateful she was our leader."

"In all project tasks, from planning and execution, Meghna always went above and beyond 100%. But she never showed off ‘like a boss’ so it was easy to work with her." "Even when things didn’t work as expected, she motivated me and helped me be at peace with myself." "Meghna is very kind and supportive. She always gives her teammates the chance to learn new things and provides the support and motivation needed to move forward with new challenges." "Meghna is a leader who knows how to bring the best out of each team member."

"Achieving low cost" for development and implementation was another challenge for Meghna’s team. They successfully executed this project with less than the targeted raw material cost. When asked about this achievement, the first thing she credited was "teamwork." "Fortunately, my team is very good, and my juniors and seniors are both very supportive. It is thanks to them that we achieved this project."

We hope you take the time to watch this video, showcasing the strong bond of this team that led to successfully executing the GOC43 project.

Mitsubishi Electric champions women making waves in STEM fields.

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