Sharing Our Values


Guided by our Corporate Mission and Seven Guiding Principles, at Mitsubishi Electric we put Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the center of our corporate management. With our products, systems and services, we're working to address contemporary social issues related to the environment, energy and resources.

While strictly adhering to the highest standards for ethics and compliance, quality and environmental protection, through our business activities we strive to change society for the better by supporting increased prosperity, comfort, and sustainability.

We're also engaged in a variety of philanthropic activities around the world. Through close communication with local communities, we're contributing not only to the areas and regions in which we operate, but to the world at large.

CSR Activities

Our CSR activities are focused on four key areas: sustainability, safety, diversity, and good corporate governance. We're also working to help achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to affordable and clean energy, sustainability, and climate change. Through these efforts, we intend to become a global, leading green company.


Towards a Sustainable Society – The Engineers of Tomorrow Gather for the Mitsubishi Electric Cup

10th January, 2020

There is a growing recognition of the need for a sustainable society. However, as the world works together towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is also crucial to consider the people who will be tasked with achieving those targets. As important sectors of society, some of the responsibility for nurturing the next generation lies with companies, universities and research institutes – but how can progress be made? One automation contest, held in various countries and supported by both private corporations and academic institutions, may offer clues as to the ideal route forward for education.


Embracing Differences and Tackling Challenges Together

26th November, 2019

According to the United Nations, there are around 200 million youth with disabilities worldwide. Perceived as somehow being flawed or faulty, they are often marginalized and, as a result, find themselves deprived of many of the opportunities afforded to able-bodied people. We at Mitsubishi Electric, including the members of the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF), have worked for nearly three decades toward righting this injustice. Our passion for this cause is most recently evidenced in our support for the groundbreaking film Intelligent Lives, which debuted at film festivals and community screenings starting in April 2018, and was broadcast across the United States on public television in October 2019. As of the first of November, the film had been screened at over 430 venues, and is already having an impact. Of viewers questioned, 88% responded that they were more likely to interview or give a job to a young adult with a disability.


Parasports Bring a New Sense of Unity to the World

30th October, 2019

There are few activities that are as awe-inspiring to watch as parasports. Motivated by their drive to achieve and their passion for competition, para-athletes remind us through their amazing performances just what people can accomplish given the vision, desire, and the proper support. We at Mitsubishi Electric recognize and applaud this ambition, and have provided various types of support for wheelchair basketball in Japan.


Taking the Initiative to Spread Health Awareness

18th October, 2019

About 65% of India’s population resides in rural areas. This can make it difficult—or impossible—for people without the necessary financial wherewithal or knowledge to gain access to quality medical care. As members of Indian society, to show our desire to work closely with the people of India to change lives for the better, we at Mitsubishi Electric have launched an initiative called Health Awareness Camps that deliver primary medical care and guidance on health maintenance directly to people in need.


Contribute to a Sustainable Environment at Your Own Pace

12th September, 2019

While most people are aware of the importance of environmental preservation, many are not sure where to start. We at Mitsubishi Electric considered how we might work together with people who want to take some kind of action. And we came up with an event that can produce a significant effect today with just a little effort while sowing the seeds for a greater contribution tomorrow—we call it "Run for Eco."


Our New Technology Lets You Swipe Away Communication Barriers

27th February, 2019

People face communication barriers in all kinds of environments—while travelling, at business meetings with people of different nationalities and when interacting with people who have hearing impairments—and we at Mitsubishi Electric are no exception. Communication difficulties actually inspired a new technology that leverages tablets, called the "User Interface for Voice-activated Drawing."


Showing Everyone How Enjoyable Para-sports Can Be

27th February, 2019

At Mitsubishi Electric, we’ve been long-time supporters of teams and athletes competing in sports such as basketball, tennis and badminton. And as part of our efforts to foster a more diverse and inclusive society in Japan, we also sponsor the Japanese Para-Sports Association (JPSA) and Japan Wheelchair Basketball Federation (JWBF). To promote the appeal of wheelchair basketball and other para-sports, we’re taking an original, hands-on approach.


Using the power of sports to help foster a more inclusive and integrated society

27th February, 2019

At Mitsubishi Electric, we believe that by supporting sports activities we can help foster a more inclusive and integrated society, and around the world our support for athletes with disabilities is a testament to that commitment. In Italy, we’ve been long-time supporters of Special Olympics. Volunteer efforts of our employees there helped make the 30th National Winter Games a great success, and an inspiration to all.

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