Sharing Our Values


As social issues continue to evolve along with the changing times, people have become more and more attuned to the values of sustainability and care for the environment. Meanwhile, companies are faced with ever-growing expectations that we solve problems within society.

Mitsubishi Electric supports the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) concept of leaving no one behind, and we are making contributions toward all 17 SDGs within each and every one of our business initiatives.

Three major target areas

We are particularly focused upon the following among the 17 SDGs, which are closely in line with our strengths as an integrated electronics and electrical manufacturer: Goal 7, Affordable and clean energy; Goal 11, Sustainable cities and communities; and Goal 13, Climate action.
By generating values through our technological and business synergies, we are conducting them.

CSR: At the core of our business

At Mitsubishi Electric, CSR forms the very basis of our business operations. While strictly adhering to the highest standards for ethics and compliance, quality and environmental protection, we are promoting CSR activities. For example, our environmental initiatives include the establishment of our Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050. Through our environmental declaration we pledge to, "Protect the air, land and water with our hearts and technologies to sustain a better future for all."

Stories behind the social issue solutions

What are society’s most pressing problems today, and how will they be resolved in the future? We invite you to explore the entire story of how Mitsubishi Electric has addressed various social issues throughout all of our business initiatives.


Plastic Redefined: The Miraculous Applications of Closed-Loop Recycling

31st March, 2020

Even before Japan enacted the Home Appliance Recycling Law in 2001, Mitsubishi Electric was already making strides in the recycling industry. One of the most impressive of these achievements was reaching an 80% recovery rate of high-quality plastic from used home appliances – one among many initiatives geared towards helping build a more sustainable society. Here is a look at how Mitsubishi Electric’s projects have drastically boosted recycling rates from a mere 6% to their current standards.


Water for Life: Realizing Sustainable Water Practices in Society

28th February, 2020

A turn of the faucet handle and out gushes clean water. While it sounds like a commonplace sight, the truth is that many countries face intensifying water problems rooted in such matters as global warming and population growth – particularly in the developing world, where plumbing and water infrastructure remain a distant possibility for some nations. Guaranteeing access to safe, clean water has evolved into a global concern, which makes water treatment processing technologies and management and control systems for water treatment plants vital for future growth. Can you imagine life without clean water? What about a world where it’s available to all?


Towards a Sustainable Society – The Engineers of Tomorrow Gather for the Mitsubishi Electric Cup

10th January, 2020

There is a growing recognition of the need for a sustainable society. However, as the world works together towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is also crucial to consider the people who will be tasked with achieving those targets. As important sectors of society, some of the responsibility for nurturing the next generation lies with companies, universities and research institutes – but how can progress be made? One automation contest, held in various countries and supported by both private corporations and academic institutions, may offer clues as to the ideal route forward for education.


The Strength of People: Embracing Differences, Conquering Challenges

26th November, 2019

The United Nations reports that there are around 200 million youth with disabilities worldwide. Often misunderstood by society, many disabled people suffer marginalization – excluded from many of the opportunities afforded to non-disabled individuals. Mitsubishi Electric and the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF) have dedicated nearly three decades toward guaranteeing equal treatment for all. One manifestation of this was Mitsubishi Electric’s support for the film Intelligent Lives, debuting at film festivals and screenings from April 2018 and broadcast on American television in October 2019 – with ripples in society continuing to spread.


Parasports Bring a New Sense of Unity to the World

30th October, 2019

There are few activities that are as awe-inspiring to watch as parasports. Motivated by their drive to achieve and their passion for competition, para-athletes remind us through their amazing performances just what people can accomplish given the vision, desire, and the proper support. We at Mitsubishi Electric recognize and applaud this ambition, and have provided various types of support for wheelchair basketball in Japan.


Wellness in Awareness: Initiatives for a Healthier World

18th October, 2019

About 65% of India’s population resides in rural areas, making the provision of medical care a daunting challenge. Why? The resources and knowledge that open up access to care can be hard to come by. Mitsubishi Electric endeavors to serve Indian society and help spark change for the better, and to that end, the Japanese firm helped launch an initiative called Health Awareness Camps. Camps deliver medical care and guidance on health maintenance directly to people in need, making care openly available and helping people lead healthier lives.


Ready, Steady, Go: How Running Can Help Save the Planet

12th September, 2019

Wildfires, floodings, hurricanes: the critical consequences of global warming across the planet are impossible to ignore. But it’s not always easy finding the best way to take action and make a difference when it comes to raising environmental awareness.


Simply Swipe: New Technology Knocks Down Global Barriers

27th February, 2019

There are countless moments in life when communication barriers crop up – from traveling overseas and attending business meetings with people from different countries to interacting with those with hearing impairments. Staff at Mitsubishi Electric are no exception – with one particular communication challenge in the workplace inspiring the creation of game-changing new tablet technology: welcome to the world of User Interface for Voice-activated Drawing.


Going Up: The Power and Positivity of Para Sports

27th February, 2019

It’s not just about getting physically fit: the benefits of taking part in sports are boundless, from boosting self-esteem and fine-tuning leadership skills to fostering communication and general well-being. Mitsubishi Electric has long cheered on teams and athletes competing in sports such as basketball, tennis and badminton. Its deep commitment to supporting sports for everyone is reflected further in its sponsorship of the Japanese Para-Sports Association (JPSA) and Japan Wheelchair Basketball Federation (JWBF).


Global Games: The Power of Sports to Improve the World

27th February, 2019

Sport is a fundamental ingredient in creating a society that is inclusive, integrated – and ultimately happy. This is the firm belief of Mitsubishi Electric, which has long supported sporting activities across the globe, with a particular focus on athletes with disabilities. One example of its hands-on involvement? The Special Olympics in Italy, which many of Mitsubishi Electric employees attended as volunteers – helping to make the 30th National Winter Games an inspirational success.

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