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Doppler Lidar / Radar Systems

Applied Superconductor Systems

Superconductivity is characterized by zero electrical resistance at very low temperatures. It enables efficient energy use in numerous fields by preventing energy loss, by producing a high magnetic field, and by facilitating the downsizing of equipment. Mitsubishi Electric manufactures various types of electric magnets that apply the superconductivity phenomenon, and strives to meet every customer's needs, from medical devices to the most-advanced research equipment.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures high quality uninterruptible power supplies to protect mission-critical data centers and equipment during times of power instability and is globally recognized for innovation and excellence, and dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology. We provide reliable, environmentally-friendly UPS systems to ensure uptime, prevent data loss and protect against power surges and outages.
- Three Phase UPS
- Multi-Module Configurations
- Single Phase UPS

Water Treatment Systems

Ozone Generator
Mitsubishi Electric produces cost-efficient ozone generation water treatment systems of various sizes and capacities for industrial applications and municipal government use. These systems generate ozone more efficiently using less electricity. The ozone is used to purify river water or wastewater, eliminating bacteria that cause odor and color, and creating safe, clean water for reuse.

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