Compliance Audits

To verify the state of compliance in the Mitsubishi Electric Group, the internal departments in each of the affiliated companies in the Group carries out self-inspection several times a year by various means. The inspection utilizes various tools, including specific check sheets for the areas of corporate ethics and legal compliance. Corrective action is taken as necessary in response to the result of such self-inspection.

Additionally, internal regulations and systems are in place to ensure proper operations across the Mitsubishi Electric Group. The Corporate Auditing Division of Mitsubishi Electric conducts internal audits to check the operational effectiveness of these regulations and systems (in the audit areas of ethics and legal compliance, accounting and finance, human resources, technology management and quality management). If an audit reveals the need for improvement, the relevant company or department will receive instructions for remediation/improvement. Periodical reports of audit are presented before the audit committee through the executive officer in charge of internal audits.