Thorough Dissemination/Education of Our Compliance Policy

Ensuring that Employees are Familiar with Our Compliance Policy

The top management of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, including the President, takes every opportunity to directly address employees on the subject of compliance in a diverse range of situations, ensuring that an awareness of the importance of compliance and our stance on it takes root throughout our organization.

To raise awareness even further, we also display posters of the Mitsubishi Electric Group Corporate Ethics and Compliance Statement in our workplaces and distribute cards printed with the Statement to each of our employees.

We distribute the "Mitsubishi Electric Group Conduct Guidelines" to all Mitsubishi Electric Group employees, including overseas employees. Employees in Japan receive a booklet containing the conduct guidelines, which summarizes points that employees should be aware of in relation to compliance as they conduct their work duties.

Compliance Education by Diverse Means

The Mitsubishi Electric Group works to ensure that employees are aware of the Group's concept of compliance and of the laws that are essential to the conduct of our business activities, using a variety of tools including workshops, e-learning programs, the distribution of manuals, and screen displays when employees log in. In using these tools, we carefully consider and provide the optimum content for different businesses, job levels, job categories, and regions (overseas).

In addition to educational activities conducted independently by each of the Group's affiliated companies and business divisions, we also carry out Group-wide educational initiatives. Employees in all countries in which we operate take part in an educational program concerning the major relevant laws, respect for human rights, and the Group's concept of compliance, through e-learning programs, group lessons, distance learning or other such methods. In fiscal 2020, as many as 125,614 employees in Japan (employees of Mitsubishi Electric and affiliated companies in Japan) participated in such programs (100% participation in compliance-related e-learning programs by Mitsubishi Electric). Overseas as well, some 6,644 employees have taken part in compliance-related e-learning programs that have been uniformly implemented in the Southeast Asia and Oceania regions, for example.

In fiscal 2020, Mitsubishi Electric’s Corporate Legal & Compliance Division conducted 180 compliance-related workshops within the Group, in which a cumulative total of 6,531 people participated.