Communication with Shareholders and Investors

Basic Policy

The Mitsubishi Electric Group enthusiastically engages in IR activities to gain the understanding and trust of its shareholders and investors, and makes it a point to disclose the appropriate information in a timely manner, in regard to management policies, strategies, and financial results. We also make every effort to incorporate into our management plans and practices the views of our shareholders and investors and the results of dialogue with them.

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

document: Shareholder Communique (In Japanese text)

Shareholder Communique
(In Japanese text)

Mitsubishi Electric holds a General Meeting of Shareholders in late June every year. By issuing the convocation notice for this meeting in early June and publishing the notice on our homepage one week before it is issued, we ensure that there is sufficient time for all shareholders to examine the items on the agenda. In addition, we are establishing an environment that enables shareholders to exercise their voting rights on the Internet.

Mitsubishi Electric regards shareholders meetings as precious opportunities for direct communication with our shareholders. To explain our business strategies, results and other important matters, we employ visual presentations that make abundant use of photographs, charts and the like in PowerPoint slides. In addition to making our explanations easier for our shareholders to comprehend, we also aim to stimulate sincere and constructive dialogue by providing detailed answers to questions that our shareholder pose.

Together with this, we also hold product exhibitions, which provide an opportunity for our shareholders to understand the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s business activities.

And furthermore, at the beginning of December every year, we send a "Shareholder Communique (Midterm Report, written in Japanese)" to all of our shareholders. The Shareholder Communique provides an overview of the second quarter cumulative period and looks at future initiatives. This report is another example of how we strive to deepen our shareholders’ understanding of the Mitsubishi Electric Group.

Major IR Activities in Fiscal 2020

In addition to holding presentations concerning corporate strategies and financial results for institutional investors and analysts and organizing individual meetings with them, we held "Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050" where we explained our vision from a long-term perspective. In addition, we held factory tours and hosted various exhibitions. Also held were company presentation meetings for individual investors.

photo: Presentations on corporate strategy

Presentations on corporate strategy