CSR at Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric's Business Segments

Building Systems

Providing safe and smooth vertical movement and building systems solutions that are environmentally friendly, secure, comfortable, and efficient

photo: Building Systems

Over a million Mitsubishi Electric elevators and escalators are in operation in over 90 countries around the world, contributing to the safe and comfortable vertical movement of many people. What is more, by providing efficient control and management of building systems such as air conditioning and lighting, as well as the linking of security systems and various business systems, we offer building systems solutions that are environmentally friendly, secure, comfortable, and efficient.

Main products

  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Building management systems
  • Building security systems

Factory Automation Systems

Underpinning global manufacturing by providing value-added products, solutions and services

photo: Factory Automation Systems

We are a major FA supplier whose wide range of automation technologies from PLCs to laser processing machines underpin manufacturing. Our e-F@ctory concept also offers solutions to Digital Manufacturing challenges by utilizing FA and IT technologies to reduce the total cost of development, production and maintenance.

Main products

  • Edge and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Servo systems
  • Industrial and collaborative robots
  • Circuit breakers
  • Energy-saving support systems
  • NC controllers
  • Laser processing machines
  • 3D (Metal) printers

Public Systems

Supporting a better tomorrow with cutting edge technologies at work in our everyday life

photo: Public Systems

Our solutions cover a number of fields that underpin our everyday life, including advanced social infrastructure and public facilities and services. We enhance quality of living by creating solutions that are truly needed by society —everything from water environment systems, to solutions for making society safer and more secure, to providing video entertainment.

Main products

  • Water treatment technologies
  • Aircraft management systems
  • Large screen video systems
  • Disaster information systems

Energy Systems

Building power infrastructure across the entire energy value chain as one of Japan's foremost power system suppliers

photo: Energy Systems

Energy systems represent a core business that Mitsubishi Electric has been engaged in since our founding. We have played a major role in the development of power infrastructure around the world in all phases, from power generation to transmission and distribution. With the growing demand for clean energy, Mitsubishi Electric is also actively developing new energy businesses, including smart grid-related products & solutions.

Main products

  • Turbine generators
  • Protection and control systems
  • Vacuum breakers
  • Transformers
  • Substation systems
  • Grid stabilization systems
  • Switchgears
  • Battery energy storage control systems
  • Power conversion systems
  • Applied Superconductor products
  • Power ICT solutions

Transportation Systems

Mitsubishi Electric as a leader in railway solutions providing a full range of equipment and systems for rolling stock

photo: Transportation Systems

We developed an unrivaled level of technical prowess from our involvement in the development of rolling stock and on ground systems for all of Japan's Shinkansen since it began service back in 1964. We are also utilizing our expertise in power and communications across various fields to improve energy efficiency. Our products have already been adopted by more than 30 countries around the world. Our goal is to support comfortable rail services in Japan and abroad that are both safe and energy efficient.

Main products

  • Propulsion systems
  • Air conditioning systems for rolling stock
  • Rolling stock information management systems
  • Electricity control systems
  • Train vision
  • Transportation planning and control systems

Automotive Equipment

Contributing to the advancements in motorization with a broad lineup of products

photo: Automotive Equipment

We were the first in the world to produce an electric power steering system and today many of our products hold a leading market share globally, enabling us to support the creation of safer, more secure, and more comfortable cars. We are helping make safer, more secure cars, by reflecting the various needs of the automobile society to automotive equipments, such as electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, or automated cars.

Main products

  • Charging & Starting products
  • Electric power steering system products
  • Engine management products
  • Car multimedia products
  • Electrification components
  • ADAS products

Space Systems

Cutting edge technologies at work across the vast business fields in the space industry

photo: Space Systems

We have participated in the development of more than 500 satellites in various countries around the world. We are able to conduct all aspects of satellite development in-house, including design, production, and testing using our test facilities that can reproduce the environment in space. We are also a world leader in large telescopes, too, having been involved with the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii and the ALMA Telescope in Chile.

Main products

  • Satellites
  • Large telescopes
  • Onboard satellite equipment

Information & Communication Systems

Making communications easier and more convenient with technologies that "send" information

photo: Information & Communication Systems

We supply products for optical communication systems that enable high-speed transfers of content-rich data, such as HD videos, over the Internet using existing communications infrastructure. Through this business line, we are helping to make society a better place with an assortment of solutions, including video surveillance systems that make society safer and more secure as well as wireless communication systems for smart meters that optimize energy usage.

Main products

  • Optical communication systems
  • Wireless communication systems
  • Video surveillance systems

Semiconductors & Devices

Providing key devices underpinning a more affluent society, harnessing cutting edge technologies

photo: Semiconductors & Devices

We supply semiconductors and devices that make our lives more affluent as key devices in equipment used in a wide range of fields, from home electronics to space. In particular, power semiconductors devices are used in a truly wide range of fields, including home products, industrial equipment, electric vehicles, power control systems for traction, motor control systems, wind turbines, and photovoltaic systems. The performance of our products helps to lower energy usage in each of these fields, too.

Main products

  • Power semiconductors modules
  • Optical devices
  • High frequency devices
  • TFT-LCD modules

Air Conditioning Systems

Providing comfortable and energy-efficient air conditioning for industry and in our everyday life

photo: Air Conditioning Systems

We provide not only in Japan but around the world with a broad range of highly energy-efficient air conditioning systems created with comfortable indoor environments in mind, from the Kirigamine brand of room air conditioners to air conditioner systems for stores, offices and other buildings. At the same time, we also supply a number of low-temperature products and systems for use in areas from distribution to industry, including cool warehouses and cold storage, as well as ice makers, dehumidifiers and other equipment for warehouses, food processing plants and ice skating rinks.

Main products

  • Room air conditioners
  • Commercial air conditioners
  • Low-temperature systems, water heaters, and industrial cooling and heating systems

Home Products

Making the lives of our customers more comfortable

photo: Home Products

We supply an assortment of home electronics for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and other locations. We will continue to make the lives of customers more comfortable by supplying products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Main products

  • LCD TVs
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Rice cookers

IT Solutions

Providing IT solutions to make all aspects of our life more convenient, comfortable, and advanced

photo: IT Solutions

We deliver security technologies including encryption, IoT technologies, and cloud computing platforms to financial institutions, manufacturing plants, social infrastructure (transportation providers, airlines, airports, the power industry), developers, and others. In the process, our IT solutions underpin a more affluent life and society for all.

Main products

  • Automated radar terminal systems
  • Flight information systems
  • Large-scale network systems
  • Large-scale security systems