Responsibility to customers

Management System

Based on the Four Basic Quality Assurance Principles, we have established a system for quality assurance and improvement activities throughout the entire Group, including the appointment of a quality assurance promotion manager in all business group headquarters. We have also formulated quality assurance guidelines to ensure compliance with quality assurance legislation and standards and further develop quality improvement activities.

diagram: Promotion of Quality Assurance and Improvement Activities (Mitsubishi Electric)

Promotion of Quality Assurance and Improvement Activities (Mitsubishi Electric)

Worldwide manufacturing bases take responsibility for the quality assurance of each product and are implementing concrete improvement initiatives in relation to quality assurance measures (quality management) for processes at each stage, from market surveys regarding Mitsubishi Electric products, through product planning, development and design, manufacturing, transportation, storage, installation, maintenance and servicing, and education, to the disposal of the product.

In addition, in operating our Quality Management System (QMS), we regularly check our PDCA cycle with reference to ISO and other international certification standards, seeking to realize ever higher quality by process improvement.

Product Safety-related Principles

Based on the "Purpose" and "Our Values," the Mitsubishi Electric Group promotes initiatives to ensure product safety under the following principles:

Product Safety-related Principles

  1. We will not only comply with the laws related to product safety, but also work on offering safe and reliable products to our customers.
  2. We will prevent product-related accidents by indicating cautions and warnings to help customers use our products safely.
  3. We will work actively to collect information about product-related problems, disclose them appropriately to our customers, and report them quickly to the government and other bodies as required under the law.
  4. If any serious accidents occur resulting from product-related problems, we will take appropriate measures to avoid further damage.
  5. We will investigate the cause of product-related accidents and work to prevent any recurrence.
  6. We will make continuous efforts to improve our product safety promotion system.

Particularly in regard to consumer products, Mitsubishi Electric is committed to preventing serious hazards that could result in death, injury, fire, or other damage, by subjecting all products to a quantitative risk assessment at the development stage, while also designing and developing products in consideration of their end-of-life management (to ensure safety even at the stage where products are prone to break or be discarded). Especially in the case of home appliances, Mitsubishi Electric conducts risk assessment for 100% of the products subject to such assessments in pursuit of safety.
At the same time, our Customer Service Center in Japan operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to assist customers and gather their views about Mitsubishi Electric products. Furthermore, we disclose accident information, including information on the status of ongoing investigations, on our Japanese official website.

1. The results of re-examination of the quality assurance system of Mitsubishi Electric and its subsidiaries

Mitsubishi Electric and its subsidiaries, etc. have been found to have committed misconduct with regard to quality control for certain products and have submitted inadequate applications to the relevant authority regarding product certification. In addition to thoroughly reviewing and reinforcing the creation of a quality culture in the organization and strengthening the quality control system, we will strive to ensure compliance once again and strengthen internal control.

2. About the failure in shipping inspection for certain power semiconductor products of Mitsubishi Electric

During November 2014 to June 2019, Mitsubishi Electric's Power Device Works shipped certain power semiconductor* products it manufactured without carrying out shipping inspections in accordance with the specification agreed with the customer. This incident was found in the course of the ongoing strengthening of quality control following the efforts described in 1 above made across the entire Group. In addition to thoroughly reviewing and reinforcing the creation of a quality culture in the organization and further strengthening the quality control system, we will strive for quick information sharing.

  • * A semiconductor device that efficiently controls power by converting electricity from AC to DC or raising or lowering the voltage.