Responsibility to customers

Responding to Product-Related Issues

Basic Policy

In the event of an issue, we place top priority on not inconveniencing our customers, and take action based on a system that ensures prompt and accurate responses and measures.

Policies for Notification and Information Collection, and the Repairs and Recalls of Products

If we receive any report of a major issue occurring in a product that we have sold, we have a system in place that includes the top management to ensure quick and accurate decisions on the steps and measures to take, so that we can take proper action while placing top priority on not inconveniencing our customers. In addition, we will share information on major issues that occurred with regard to products across the entire Group more promptly to strengthen our ability to respond to such issues.
For recalls in particular, we work on an ongoing basis to ensure that all the relevant products that were sold are returned and repaired, and apply these efforts to a wide array of sales channels.

In Japan, we promptly release appropriate information on issues in consumer products, which directly and deeply affect consumers.

Reporting Major Product Issues (in Japan)

A detailed list of information pertaining to important product-related and quality issues is posted on Mitsubishi Electric's Japanese-language official website.

Accident Reporting Based on the Consumer Product Safety Act

Detailed information on our compliance with Japan's revised Consumer Product Safety Act, which went into effect in May 2007, is available on Mitsubishi Electric's Japanese-language official website.

Under our policy regarding the disclosure of accident information, we also disclose information on cases that are accidents related to products other than gas or oil equipment and that have not been identified as accidents caused by products or that have been determined as being uncertain as to whether they were caused by products.

diagram: Consumer Product Safety Act

Flow of responses to accidents (Mitsubishi Electric Group)