Labor practices

Supporting Career Development

Basic Policy

"A company is its people, and cannot grow without their growth. The development and utilization of human resources is the source of a company's development, and education is a fundamental undertaking that creates the foundation of management."
Under this principle, the Mitsubishi Electric Group believes it is important to link the expertise, skills, and mentality it has cultivated as an organization to maintaining and strengthening corporate competitiveness and contributing to society. By adding new values at times and achieving further growth, we actively promote the human resource development of all our employees.

Development of Personnel who Support the Workplace

We consider that the development of management and leaders who are responsible for developing personnel is important. For such employees, we provide support to employees who work directly under them in acquiring skills and mind-sets with respect to measures to stimulate communication in the workplace, listening skills, skills for dealing with stress, and so on. We ensure that they acquire such skills and mind-sets so that they can provide support that fits each of their subordinates. In order to build a workplace with open communication, we will promote the development of personnel who serve as the core of this initiative.

Human Resources Development System Supports the Career of Employees

Mitsubishi Electric's training system for all employees, including those of family companies, consists of passing down everyday business know-how and acumen through on-the-job training. Knowledge and skills that are difficult to acquire through on-the-job training as well as career development are provided through off-the-job training on a supplementary basis. Off-the-job training consists of conferring information on ethics, legal compliance, and other matters. Exceptional teachers from inside or outside the company provide expertise and skills training, or motivational education. Tests and competitions to improve skill levels are conducted, and practical training or international study opportunities at overseas sites and universities in Japan and abroad are provided. Emphasis is also placed on a managerial training program that focuses on training individuals for the core management positions that drive our businesses, and on developing core personnel and leaders.

With regard to new graduate employees and mid-career recruits, we provide company orientation and training sessions to elicit their consciousness as workers and educate them on basic knowledge, management principles, compliance, and other matters.

Self-development support program

Mitsubishi Electric instituted a self-development support program that supports employees' voluntary skills development based on a human resource development system that allows employees to take the initiative to actively develop their own skills.

The program provides support in the form of money and time for participants in educational programs inside and outside the company and also pays bounties to employees that have acquired certain external certifications. The program is intended to foster a corporate culture in which each and every employee independently and actively takes on the challenge of developing their skills to reach higher goals as a professional.

Stratified training program

In fiscal 2012, Mitsubishi Electric introduced Value-up Training, a stratified training program intended for employees at certain junctions in their career (at ages 25, 30 and 40), to provide an awareness and understanding of the qualities and roles that are expected of them at those ages.

The program aims to strengthen young employees' capacity for work, or the mentality, knowledge, and skills they need to fulfill their duties, and medium-level and veteran employees' capacity for development, or their skills to convey their working capacity to the younger generation (subordinates and juniors) and enhance their capacity for work. Through this program, we will make continued efforts to strengthen the working capacity of each employee and create a culture for development in the workplace as a whole.

Promoting systematic and efficient skills development

photo: Employee Training History Management System showing the history of and key points in training

Employee Training History Management System showing the history of and key points in training

Mitsubishi Electric introduced to its operations in Japan a point system for employee training, to promote systematic and efficient skill and capability development by tracking the progress of ability-building activities by its employees, particularly its young employees. Each training course is worth a certain number of points. Employees receive the relevant points upon completing each course, and aim to achieve their individually recommended total number of points.

Passing on technological skills, knowledge, and know-how

photo: screenshot of Technical Help Desks

Technical help desks

In order to pass on the skills possessed by highly experienced employees to younger technicians at Japan production sites accompanying the company's generational shift, we have developed a training program that allows the skills of accomplished employees to be learned in one-on-one settings. Technical skills are also passed on to young technicians through various measures such as installing technical help desks through which newer employees can consult with highly experienced employees through the company's intranet.

Mitsubishi Electric Group Skills Competition

photo: Mitsubishi Electric Group Skills Competition

Mitsubishi Electric Group Skills Competition

A skills competition is held annually as a measure to strengthen the skills of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, with the aim of "handing down skills and raising skills to even higher levels," "further creating a climate that respects skills," and "developing top-level engineers."