Coordinated regional waste recycling (Kyushu region)

Mutual Inspections Uncover Areas for Improvement

When the working group was created, the seven members began inspecting each of the seven factories, learning that "normal" practices at one site were not always viewed the same way at other sites. They ended up making several important discoveries.
One example was the discovery that the waste one factory paid to dispose of was viewed by another factory as a goldmine. By meticulously separating waste according to type and purity, some factories were able to convert as much as 40% of their waste into saleable materials.

photo: Working Group Members

Working Group Members (From left)
Yuki Ono, Nagasaki Works (Project Leader)
Mitsuhiro Yano, Power Device Works
Masafumi Mino, Sanshin Electronics
Hideto Yoshizumi, Power Device Works Kumamoto Factory
Takahiro Hamachi, Mitsubishi Electric FA Industrial Products
Tomoyasu Sato, Fukuyama Works
Hajime Murata, Nagasaki Ryoden Technica