Coordinated regional waste recycling (Kyushu region)

Sharing Information on Waste Processors

In the past, factories selected waste disposal partners based on in-house knowledge, but now they understand differences in processing technology, processing expenses, the purchase price of saleable materials and storage facilities. Based on this knowledge, factories are now able to switch to processing methods with lower environmental impact and select excellent partners, leading to a higher level of environmental conservation activities. In addition, in cases where multiple factories employ the same outsourced waste operators, the factories conduct inspections of these operators and their facilities on a rotating basis, sharing information about the inspections with other factories. This approach conserves energy and strengthens management.

Seven People Exchange Information on Waste Processors

  • Company A has set up a compliance department, so from now on they should be even more legally observant.
  • Did you know that Company B put in place an initiative to cut landfill waste to zero?
  • Company C has expanded its facilities and has extra capacity, so they might be flexible on pricing.
  • D waste disposal company respond quickly, and they're very reasonable.
  • "Thanks for the tip! We'll give them a try!"