The minimo motor for compact ventilators meets Mitsubishi Electric's goals of energy efficiency and resource conservation. The motor is the result of concurrent engineering, which refers to various engineers cooperating on design, manufacturing technology and facilities development to make the best product. This section introduces the eco-compatible minimo.


Product Innovations

minimo—the world's smallest* fan motor—greatly reduces the environmental impact of housing.

  • minimo is energy efficient and conserves resources
  • mimimo provides outstanding environmental performance
  • * Among AC capacitor start motors for compact ventilators. As of Feb. 2008, Mitsubishi Electric survey.

Production Process Innovations

Superior process pooling Mitsubishi Electric's strengths in motor design, manufacturing technology and facility development

  • Concurrent engineering is the DNA of the Nakatsugawa Works
  • The development stage combines the Company's technologies, knowledge and experience
  • Concurrent engineering evolves in the Iida Creation Lab