Rebuilding and developing automotive equipment

Rebuild Operations: Recycling in Action

Contributing to the Creation of a Recycling-based Society

photo: MEAA -OC in California

MEAA -OC in California

diagram: Engine Starter and Alternator

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America - Orange County (MEAA-OC) in California rebuilds starters and alternators.

The starter, the first part of the engine to turn over, is the small motor that starts the engine.

The alternator is the power generator. The battery cannot supply a sufficient amount of power to all of the electrical components in an automobile, so the alternator is indispensable.

The alternator and the starter may fail if they are exposed to excessive severe environmental conditions or if they are subjected to excessive severe operating conditions. However, when it does, often only one part within the alternator has a problem, such as corroded electrodes or sliding parts worn from exposure to water. The alternator can be made to work like new simply by replacing just the parts that are broken or worn—this is the idea behind rebuilt components.

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures and sells automotive equipment at four U.S. locations. The first location was established in 1979 in California, where rebuild operations have been conducted for 30 years. The number of rebuilt products has increased and are now available for a wide range of vehicles, from standard and compact to large and heavy-duty. To improve our products, information from recovered core* products is regularly provided to the development center in Japan.

The rebuild business reduces resource input and helps create a recycling-based society.

Mitsubishi Electric's alternators and starters recovered from automakers are used to create genuine rebuilt parts. Trusted by automakers, we will continue to expand our rebuild operations.

  • * Core: Used alternators and starters that have broken down and need to be replaced.
graph: Average Salvaged Commodities at MEAA-OC FY2009 Production

Rebuilding Alternators

Alternators recovered from automakers are rebuilt as follows:

photo: Alternators

Enthusiastic MEAA Orange County Employees

photo: Tadashi Katashima

Tadashi Katashima
General Manager

Five years ago, I was assigned to the MEAA-OC (OC) factory. At present, the factory's rebuild operations are growing steadily. Productivity has greatly improved, with stable supply capacity and quality. Our highly motivated local employees, who show great pride in their work, are supporting these activities.

For example, at our regular morning meetings, factory managers offer ground-breaking ideas to improve productivity and quality. This proactive attitude is evident in recycling, energy-saving and other activities designed to reduce our environmental impact.

At one time, California suffered from much air pollution, and beginning with the landmark Clean Air Act of 1970 (also known as the Muskie Act), various exhaust countermeasures have been implemented. Now, following the environmental countermeasures of the Obama Administration, California leads the nation in environment-related regulatory and aid policies, enabling OC and its employees to more fully develop their environmental awareness and engage in related activities.

I consider it my mission to make the most of my employees' motivation and awareness. By listening to everyone's opinions and ideas, and with the employees' help in expanding our rebuild operations, I will raise the level of satisfaction among our workers. I would like to continue our win-win relationship.

photo: California staff

The upbeat California staff at MEAA show their power