Inspections by Intelligent Energy Conservation Experts Accelerate the Reduction of CO2 from Production

From fiscal 2010, Mitsubishi Electric Group is focusing on reducing CO2 from production under the 6th Environmental Plan (FY2010-2012). Up to now, we have made improvements at each factory by enhancing and promoting just-in-time activities in pursuit of improved productivity, and reducing energy waste through greater production efficiency. However, from the perspective of CO2 reduction and energy conservation, there are certain areas that remain unaffected by such activities. To resolve these issues, we have introduced energy conservation expert inspections to support production site improvement activities. Selected domestic and overseas employees who have participated in energy conservation improvement at various factories tour manufacturing sites to support the desire for vigorous improvements. By discovering and presenting many areas for improvement, further reduction of CO2 is possible. This special feature introduces intelligent ways the experts have found to reduce CO2 from production.

  • Is the boiler pressure too high?

  • What is happening during standby?