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New Energy Potential - A Wireless Sensor Powered by Small Vibrations

Eliminates the Need for Wiring and Battery Replacement by Measuring and Transmitting Data Using Vibration-Generated Electric Power

In 2012, Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. developed a sensing system that generates electric power via the minor vibrations that occur generally to wirelessly transmit data collected using a sensor. Up to now, the small vibrations that occur generally have attracted little or no interest. This innovative system that takes full advantage of vibrations enables the measurement and transmission of data in locations where securing a power source and the changing of batteries is difficult.

Updated Mar 2014


Changing Vibrations into Electricity with the Use of a Spring

  • Shifting Priorities to the Use of Vibrations to Generate Electric Power

Storing Electricity a Little at a Time for Bulk Use

  • A Sensor System that Combines Vibration Power Generation with Capacitors

Endless Possibilities of Wireless Sensors that Utilize Vibration Power Generation

  • Bridges, Railways, Tunnels, Construction Sites: Active Wherever Vibrations Can Be Found

Comments from the Developer

  • More Than Just a Novelty, a Technology that Is Genuinely Useful
  • Aspiring to Fast-Track Market Introduction of an Initial Practical Application