From the President

Towards Realizing Sustainable Societies Worldwide, we are drawing on strengths within and outside of the Group, and combining them to tackle various perplexing social issues.

Promoting initiatives to achieve "Environmental Vision 2021"

The subject of environmental issues such as climate change, resource depletion, chemical substances, and marine plastics is increasingly growing as a topic of conversation amongst the general public. In response to this, the international community is working to comply with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in which there are 17 sustainable development goals commonly referred to in industry as "SDGs,"*1 and to realize a circular economy.*2 Under these circumstances, we strongly feel that manufacturers such as ourselves must contribute to those agreements and goals through our products and services.

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has long been committed to contributing to the realization of an affluent society while simultaneously achieving "sustainability, safety, security, and comfort." We are currently working to reduce CO2 emissions from manufacturing processes and product use, ensure the effective use of resources, and preserve biodiversity, for which specific targets were set to be achieved by fiscal 2021 at the time of drafting "Environmental Vision 2021."

Then, in fiscal 2019, we set targets for the effective use of water resources taking into consideration international laws and regulations would continue to grow stricter, and that we must enforce overall environmental management at our sites overseas.

As a result of these environmental activities, CDP*3 placed Mitsubishi Electric on the A List in two categories, "Climate Change" and "Water Security," for the third consecutive year. Additionally, five products received the Energy Conservation Grand Prize from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Power Distribution Systems Center became the first in the Group to be certified as a site engaged in distinguished greening activities by SEGES*4 for its onsite biodiversity preservation activities. It is a great honor that our various products and initiatives have been highly recognized.

Contributing to SDGs through a wide variety of businesses

As we design and execute future business activities, we must be certain to always contribute to obtaining the SDGs. The 17 goals are interrelated, and by solving the environmental issues, we can contribute to achieve SDGs that approach to other issues.

As comprehensive electrical and electronics manufacturers, the Mitsubishi Electric Group is committed to developing technologies and manufacturing products and systems that will enable greater energy savings, more effective use of water and other resources, and further contribute to creating recycling-based societies. This will not be achieved solely through manufacturing, such as reducing product size and utilizing recycled materials, but also by utilizing resources more carefully such minimizing parts replacement by improving product durability, increasing the percentage of product parts that can be recycled after use, and other initiatives.

To successfully achieve our objectives and goals, it is indispensable for us to further expand collaboration with various entities outside of the Mitsubishi Electric Group. Many of the issues societies around the world are facing cannot be solved by the Mitsubishi Electric Group, or any other group, alone. We must reach out and listen to the opinions of local residents, local administrations, customers, and other companies and sources of information, and recognize the roles we are to play and reflect these in specific initiatives.

As I stated above, our intention is to focus on contributing to the realization of all SDGs in our activities and resolve perplexing social issues, including those related to the environment.

Announcement of "Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050" – Towards the Next 30 Years

In June 2019, the Mitsubishi Electric Group announced "Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050" and made an environmental declaration to "Protect the air, land, and water. With our hearts and technologies, sustain to a better future for all." Our aim is to share ideas and technologies not only within the Mitsubishi Electric Group, but also with those outside in order to resolve issues related to air, land, and water. In doing so, we hope that all employees in the Group and those we work with outside of it will passionately take action and work towards creating a sustainable future.

Three action guidelines have been formulated to actualize the targets stipulated in Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050.
Firstly, as comprehensive electrical and electronics manufacturers, the Mitsubishi Electric Group shall utilize diverse technological assets throughout wide-ranging business areas to solve various environmental issues.

Secondly, as a Group, we shall draw on internal and external strengths, combine them when required to resolve difficult issues, and take on the challenge of developing technologies and business innovations for future generations.

Furthermore, we shall promote active dialogue, collaboration, and co-creation with many people and entities outside the Group, publicizing and sharing new values and lifestyles that will result in living comfortably, in harmony with nature.

In order to implement these three guidelines and steadily progress forward, we will formulate a concrete action plan by fiscal 2022, the year we officially enact Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050.

My personal goal is to ensure that the employees of the member companies in the Mitsubishi Electric Group are truly motivated to contribute to preserving the environment, and that they too acknowledge the need for all members of society to be involved.

illustration: Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050

June 28, 2019


Takeshi Sugiyama

President & CEO
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  • *1 SDGs : Sustainable Development Goals: Included in the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" formulated by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015.
  • *2 Circular economy: New economic activities that bring sustainability to both the environment and the economy by circulating resources and products.
  • *3 CDP: formally called Carbon Disclosure Project. International nongovernmental organization (NGO) that investigates, evaluates, and discloses the environmental efforts of companies and cities.
  • *4 SEGES : Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System: Accreditation system for evaluating green efforts by the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure.