From the President

By sharing technologies accumulated and environmental values with all stakeholders, we’re solving issues together with them.

We would like to extend our sincere condolences to people who have lost their loved ones, friends and associates during the COVID-19 pandemic, and wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to others affected by the virus in whatever way. Placing our utmost priority on the health and safety of all stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees, and their families, Mitsubishi Electric will continue providing the businesses needed to fulfill its social responsibilities as a corporation that plays a key role in maintaining civilian life. To this end, we are committed to ensuring a stable supply of products, providing necessary services, and maintaining customer support.

Promoting initiatives to achieve "Environmental Vision 2021"

Since the formulation of "Environmental Vision 2021" in fiscal 2008, the Mitsubishi Electric Group has been implementing various environmental activities. As we enter fiscal 2021, the final year of Environmental Vision 2021, our initiatives have steadily produced results that contribute to realizing a low-carbon, recycling-based society capable of living in harmony with nature.

To contribute to creating a low-carbon society, we have drastically improved energy efficiency through introducing technological innovations for a wide range of products, from key components such as power devices to stand-alone products such as air conditioners. At the same time, we are evolving our solutions business by taking advantage of our collective strengths to achieve success in areas such developing electric power supply networks that promote the use and dissemination of zero-emission buildings (ZEBs) and renewable energy. As part of our efforts towards creating a recycling-based society, we promote the effective use of resources, reinforcement of the collection and recycling of home electrical appliances, and reducing the size and weight of products. In addition to these initiatives, our reuse/repair business operates in a way that our products remain in service as long as possible. In our efforts towards creating a society in tune with nature, we are observing changes in the global environment and working to find ways to swiftly respond to extraordinary weather. At the same time, we are committed to preserving biodiversity at our business sites and their surrounding areas.

As a result, expectations are high that we will achieve our target figures. These days, the feedback we are receiving convinces us that each employee is now taking on her/his daily tasks with greater environmental awareness. We believe that this is one of the results our initiatives have produced.

Additionally, our proactive approach and the communication of its outcomes have led to the external recognition of the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s environmental activities. For instance, CDP*1 placed Mitsubishi Electric on the A List in two categories, "Climate Change" and "Water Security," for the third and fourth consecutive years, respectively.

Contributing to the Protection of Air, Land, and Water with New Environmental Vision

In June 2019, the Mitsubishi Electric Group announced its next long-term environmental management vision, "Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050."

The business operations of the Group involve a number of stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and employees. Therefore, in addition to having a responsibility to contribute to environmental preservation, it has a substantial influence on other areas of society. Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050 is based on this recognition and confirms our aim to move forward into the future hand-in-hand with all stakeholders.

The vision includes a Group environmental declaration: "Protect the air, land, and water with our hearts and technologies to sustain a better future for all." Air, land, and water are vital elements for all living things on the Earth. Keeping the awareness of these three essential elements firmly in mind, we will conduct business while always considering to which element we can contribute and through which specific Mitsubishi Electric Group operation it can be accomplished. In addition, while enhancing the technological prowess we possess, we will share our thoughts on the environment and technologies not only within the Mitsubishi Electric Group, but with all stakeholders, doing so in order to achieve a sustainable future.

Under the three guidelines set forth in Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050, all employees are expected to be highly motivated and take specific actions. By doing so, we aim to fulfill our duties as a corporation and lead to the Mitsubishi Electric Group becoming a corporate group needed by the world.

illustration: Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050

Focusing Business Operations on Solutions for Social/Environmental Issues

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has a management strategy of offering integrated solutions that combine strengths inside and outside of the Group in the four areas of "Lifestyles," "Industry," "Infrastructure," and "Mobility." In this management strategy, the creation of new values is placed at the center, which should lead to resolving various social issues, including environmental conservation.

In other words, in addition to contributing to reducing environmental impact through improvements in products and systems, we propose solutions for a wide variety of environmental issues. Through these proposals, we hope to contribute to achieving a circular economy*2, the concept of which has been attracting much attention in recent years. We will utilize all of the assets the Mitsubishi Electric Group holds in order to bring about innovation. At the same time, we will focus on developing human resources who have high levels of environmental awareness and the technological prowess to drive our innovation efforts.

It is a corporate responsibility to conduct business activities in a way that promotes creating a sustainable society and further supports other businesses that contribute to the environment. These activities eventually lead to sustainable corporate growth as well. This idea has a common ground with the globally shared SDGs*3. We believe that we can contribute to achieving the 17 SDGs by pressing forward with our policies.

Committed to Sharing Values and Communicating the Message – "Living an Eco-friendly Lifestyle Feels Good"

In order to achieve the vision described so far, it is imperative to share thoughts on the environment inside and outside of the Group, and to work on solutions for environmental issues in cooperation with our stakeholders. I feel that, in the future society, it will be important for people to personally believe in the value of, "living in harmony with nature feels good." If possible, "try not to do things that place a burden on the environment"; this is the mindset required for all people involved in environmental activities. Even by starting with a small act that anybody can do easily; for example, using your own shopping bags, cups and bottles regularly. Sending out this type of message could lead to change.

Companies are required to send out information in various formats. The Mitsubishi Electric Group is promoting information disclosure based on various guidelines, including CDP and TCFD.*4 We are also planning to communicate our initiatives and proposals for creating a sustainable society to the outside world.

July 6, 2020


Takeshi Sugiyama

President & CEO
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  • *1 CDP: formally called Carbon Disclosure Project. International nongovernmental organization (NGO) that investigates, evaluates, and discloses the environmental efforts of companies and cities.
  • *2 Circular economy: New economic activities that bring sustainability to both the environment and the economy by circulating resources and products.
  • *3 SDGs : Sustainable Development Goals: Included in the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" formulated by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015.
  • *4 TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure): Organization set up in 2016 by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to promote stability of the global financial system. It encourages corporations to disclose climate-related information that affects finance.