The Mitsubishi Electric Group recognizes that our planet needs to be protected for future generations. Limiting our impact on the environment is thus one of our top management priorities. We aim to become a "global leading green company" by solving problems globally through producing energy-saving products and systems and by building social infrastructure in business activities around the world, in order to contribute to creating an affluent society where both a "sustainable society" and "safe, secure, and comfortable lifestyles" are simultaneously achieved.

We will apply our technological expertise and new innovations to minimize the environmental impact of our business mainly through reduction of greenhouse gases emission and promotion of sustainable resource circulation, and to help preserve biodiversity. The Mitsubishi Electric Group will also strive to make positive contributions through the continuous improvement of our products and services, focusing on size and weight reduction, high performance, resource savings and energy efficiency.

We encourage employees and their families to take part in environmental activities with their communities, and thereby foster environmental awareness. As a responsible corporate citizen, we will also inform the public about our environmental initiatives to promote mutual understanding.

In addition to abiding by the law and respecting social norms, we shall remain sensitive to societal changes and make environmental consideration a permanent part of our activities.

As represented by our corporate statement "Changes for the Better", our ultimate aim is to improve the quality of people's lives while making positive contributions to the Earth's environment.

April 2018


Takeshi Sugiyama

President & CEO