Developing Personnel to Proactively Engage in Environmental Activities

We are working to develop personnel who think for themselves what is required for the environment and act on it. Based on this, we will continue our environmental activities in the years to come as we work to achieve Environmental Vision 2021 and our environmental plans.

In the area of environmental training, we have implemented various educational programs in two categories: general education and specialized education. The goal of the specialized education program is for personnel to acquire the knowledge and skills required to create a low-carbon, recycling-based society, respect biodiversity, and conduct the environmental management activities that form the pillars of Environmental Vision 2021.

Under the 8th Environmental Plan (fiscal 2016 - 2018), we have implemented the "Mitsubishi Electric Group Environmental Management" e-Learning course, the aim of which is to improve the basic knowledge and awareness level of environmental issues. The program is offered globally and provides the same contents in Japanese, English and Chinese so that all who take the course can learn using the same materials.

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    Japanese version

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Environmental Education System

graph: Environmental Education System

Environmental Section Manager Training

Mitsubishi Electric conducts "Training Course for New Environmental Section Managers" and "Training Course for Environmental Section Managers" for section managers in charge of environmental issues at factories and those who drive environmental activities at head office and business management departments. Through the former course, participants learn about how to behave as a new manager, shared roles between the head office organizations and the business site, environmental operations within the business site, and the expertise of experienced section managers. During the latter course, compliance-related issues are studied, while failed cases are shared. The attendants also visit other companies to see how they are tackling environmental issues, as well as exchanging views among participants.

In 2017, "Training Course for Environmental Section Managers" was held at the Power Device Works in Kumamoto Prefecture. The business site was affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake that occurred in 2016. During the course, the restoration process at the Works was explained, while reports were made on how other Mitsubishi Electric plants tackled restoration following past earthquakes. Additionally, group discussion was held on how business contingency plans (BCPs) should be formulated and points to improve in responding to future earthquakes.

  • photo: Visits to facilities (1)

    Visits to facilities (1)

  • photo: Visits to facilities (2)

    Visits to facilities (2)

Developing Nature Protection Leaders

In fields adjacent to business sites, Mitsubishi Electric Outdoor Classrooms are held, providing an opportunity for both participants and the employees who play the role of leaders to experience nature. This directive aims to promote awareness towards coexistence with nature and develop the ability to act for improving the environment. Volunteer employees are trained as leaders in planning and executing the program. Through the Leader Development Course, which is an employee training program, they learn about relationships between living creatures, safety management, child psychology, and communication skills through one-and-a-half days of classroom lectures and field training. They then use what they have learned in the course to actually plan and run an outdoor classroom as a wrap-up of the course. Between fiscal 2007 and 2018, this development course was held 20 times, producing 397 leaders.

In fiscal 2018, the program of the development course was revised. The previous program was initially designed for children ages 5 to 6, but in reality, a wider age group of children participates in outdoor classrooms. Therefore, the new program was given more flexibility to accommodate any age group of participants.

  • photo: Learning about the cycle of nature from a pile of fallen leaves

    Learning about the cycle of nature from a pile of fallen leaves

  • photo: Learning about relationships between living creatures through Canada goldenrod

    Learning about relationships between living creatures through Canada goldenrod