Basic policy and approach to environmental management

Environmental Management

Environmental management structure

We're working to ensure that all affiliated companies in the Mitsubishi Electric Group implement common measures and systems to promote environmental management.

Environmental audits

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has a robust and multifaceted audit system, that combines internal environmental audits, compliance audits by external certification bodies, and audits performed by the head office.

Training of environmental personnel

Mitsubishi Electric has established an education program to foster leading environmental personnel, helping to imbue the knowledge and skills required to create a low-carbon, recycling-based society, respect biodiversity, and conduct the environmental management activities

Environmental risk management

A report on initiatives to ensure reliable handling of environmental regulations and prevent environmental accidents, as well as on policies and conditions relating to soil and groundwater pollution.

Evaluation of the importance of environmental issues in business

We evaluated the importance of major environmental issues from the perspectives of the likelihood that they would bring a risk or opportunity to our business activities and the magnitude of their impact if they do, based on respective value criteria.